EXPOSED: “Bogus Broke” Millionaire – Her Fed-up Frugal Husband Is Tired of Her Pleading Poverty

A frugal husband divided Redditors after his wife cried “poor” one too many times and forced him to reveal their net worth to friends and family. The numbers were shocking all around. Here is the full story.

A Frugal Pair

OP is a 31-year-old man who has been with his 30-year-old wife for ten years. They have always been very frugal with their money and have built up a nice amount of savings.

OP gave them a head start with some aggressive saving before they were married. And now they both work toward building their wealth.

Both OP and his wife drive the same cars they had in college. And they dump everything they have after paying bills into savings and investments.

A Decent Nest Egg

And because they live in an inexpensive location, OP and his wife are able to sock away a lot of money. It helps that both of them have decent-paying jobs.

But not everything is peachy with their finances, and OP thinks part of the problem is that he manages everything that has to do with money.

That’s the arrangement they’ve always had, and OP has developed a system that lets them live a decent life while saving a lot.

Hard Work and Attention to Detail

They never have more than $500 in their checking account when he has worked his magic.

OP makes sure his wife knows everything about their finances, though, and that she understands how it all works.

Once a month, they sit down to review everything, including the money he’s putting toward retirement and the kids’ college funds.

Thanks to all their hard work and close attention to detail, OP and his wife have managed to build their net worth to over a million dollars.

She Plays Down Their Wealth

But that’s not the story OP’s wife tells their friends and family.

For years, OP’s wife has been crying “poor” whenever dinner conversation turns to money. One of her favorite lines is to point out that she’s driving an old beater.

OP’s wife also likes to tell her friends and family about all the things she’d do if only they had a little money.

It always stabs at OP a bit since he knows the truth.

Do Things Need to Change?

More recently, his wife’s low-key complaining to others has really started to bother OP.

He’s asked her multiple times if she wants to change things and said he’s open to spending more.

His wife always assures OP that she’s happy with the way things are.

In that case, OP says, he really wishes she’d stop making him feel bad and look bad in front of friends and family.

The Big Reveal

But his wife just kept right on with her “poor me” act. So finally, OP told her that if she didn’t stop, he was going to reveal the truth about their finances.

OP’s wife understood, but she just couldn’t help herself.

At a recent dinner with her family, she complained again about how poor they were and how they couldn’t afford the things she wanted.

OP kept his promise and said that was a strange thing for a millionaire to say.

Bogus Broke

His wife was embarrassed and said it wasn’t true, but OP wouldn’t back down.

He told everyone that his wife knew exactly how much money they had and that she was trying to pull the wool over their eyes.

OP’s wife was mad and embarrassed, and he thought he’d finally broken the habit. But then the same scene played out yet again during dinner with friends.

And once again, OP revealed their net worth and called his wife out for her bogus “broke” stories.

Too Controlling

Now, OP’s wife is mad at him, and she feels like he’s bragging about their money to their family and friends.

But OP warned her this would happen, and he’s tired of her making him look like the bad guy all the time.

Redditors are divided on this story. Many of them think OP was justified for spilling the beans since his wife is an equal partner in everything they do.

But others think he’s controlling his wife and their finances. Even though he lets her know what’s going on, they’re not convinced she has any real say in the situation.

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