Exposed! Teen’s Fundraiser Reveals Heartless Parents Who Left Her Homeless

A helpful mother took to Reddit to ask for opinions after she hosted a fundraiser for a teenager whose parents left her homeless. The girl’s folks were not too pleased with the whole situation. Here is the full story.

Her Parents Kicked Her Out of Her Home

OP’s youngest daughter is a senior in high school. One of her friends recently turned 18, and when she did, her parents kicked her out of their house.

Not only that, but the girl’s folks cut off all financial support and left her pretty much homeless. OP’s daughter told her that the friend was couch surfing with different classmates to try and stay off the streets.

The girl even talked about dropping out of high school to find a full-time job, which OP thought was terrible.

OP could not believe any parent would do that to their child, so she discussed the situation with her family. They decided to have the girl move in with them so she’d have a safe place to live while she finished high school.

She Moved in With Her Friend, and Paid Her Way

The girl was very appreciative and did her best to help OP around the house. She even gave OP money from her part-time job to help cover groceries and other expenses.

OP didn’t want the girl’s money, but she also wanted her to feel self-sufficient and important. So OP took the money and set it aside in a special fund she planned to give the girl at graduation.

Even with her contributions, though, the girl wanted to do more. So she and the daughter came to OP with an idea.

The girls wanted to host a community barbecue and bake sale as a fundraiser to help cover the classmate’s living expenses. OP was impressed at their initiative even though she had never asked for repayment.

The Girl’s Story Struck a Chord All Across Their Community

OP gave the girls the go-ahead, and they made flyers and posted about the event on social media. The classmate ensured that all of the promotional material mentioned how her parents booted her from their house the day she turned 18.

OP also shared the flyers on social media, and the girls spread the word at school.

The girl’s story struck a chord all across their community, and many people showed up at OP’s house. Neighbors, family members, classmates, and more lent their support.

Ultimately, the fundraiser brought in several thousand dollars, which the girl handed over to OP. But of course, OP rolled that into the fund she will surprise the girl with at graduation.

… And Her Parents Were Furious for Showing Them up in Public!

Not surprisingly, the girl’s parents caught wind of the event and got a look at the flyers and posts the girls had put together. They were furious when they saw their daughter making them look bad in the community and turned their anger toward OP.

First, the dad called OP to accuse her of slandering them online. Then the mom called to say that OP just didn’t understand how much turmoil their daughter had put them through.

The mom said that OP was trashy for asking for money and blaming the parents for their daughter’s situation. OP pointed out that they were the ones who booted her in the first place.

Now, OP wonders if she made a mistake in publicly letting the girl call out her parents. There are two sides to every story. But in the end, OP just can’t imagine how parents could boot their child.

Many Say the Parents Only Reacted Because They Were Embarrassed That the Horrible Truth Came Out

Redditors overwhelmingly support OP and don’t think she did anything wrong. Most of them lay all the blame at the feet of the parents who left their daughter out in the cold.

Many say the parents only reacted because they were embarrassed that the horrible truth came out. They find it ironic that they didn’t have a problem with OP taking their daughter in as long as she kept it quiet.

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