Family Feud Erupts as Medical Resident Exposes Cousins’ False Doctor Claims at a Holiday Gathering!

A medical resident divided Redditors when she revealed that she called out her cousins for pretending to be doctors. Her family is torn on the subject, too. Here is the full story.

She’s a Medical Resident in Internal Medicine

OP is a 31-year-old medical resident in internal medicine. It’s been a long, grueling ride to this point, but she’s nearly finished and ready to start practicing independently.

OP comes from a long line of doctors, with the loose expectation being that at least one child in every generation of her dad’s family will take up the profession.

Her father is a urologist, her grandfather was a family doctor, and her aunt is a pediatrician. And although OP has five cousins on her dad’s side, she’s the only one who decided to make medicine her career.

When her grandmother heard about her choice, the older lady was overjoyed and relieved that the family tradition would continue.

The Family Held a Holiday Celebration

It didn’t surprise the family, though, as OP had planned to be a doctor since high school. On the other hand, her cousins didn’t want anything to do with medicine.

A couple of those cousins did end up working in healthcare, however. In particular, a male cousin became a chiropractor, and a female cousin is a newly minted nurse practitioner.

Recently, the family held a holiday celebration, and most of the cousins came. They sat around the table when their grandmother asked OP how her residency was going.

OP told her it was exhausting but incredible. And best of all, it was nearly finished.

“She Would Be the First in the Family From Her Generation To Become a Doctor”

Her grandmother could once again barely contain her delight and told OP how exciting it was that she would be the first in the family from her generation to become a doctor.

At that point, OP’s chiropractor cousin jumped in and told his grandmother not to forget about him and the nurse practitioner cousin. He said they were doctors, too, so she had to count them in her tally.

OP admits she was a little tipsy and probably snapped because she was tired. But her cousin’s comment irked her to no end, and she couldn’t let it slide.

So OP told her chiropractor cousin that he and the nurse practitioner (NP) were not doctors. She said that chiropractic is pseudoscience at best and, while nurses and NPs are fantastic health professionals, they’re still not doctors.

Her Cousin Called Her “Arrogant and Privileged”

That honked off OP’s chiropractor cousin, who called her arrogant and privileged. Her nurse practitioner cousin said nursing school was as tough as medical school. However, doctors looked down on nurses because nursing has historically been a career path for women.

Then, OP’s grandfather jumped in and told her cousins to hush up and sit down. They weren’t doctors, he said, and they should stop making false claims.

As the party was wrapping up, OP’s nurse practitioner cousin pulled her aside and told her she wasn’t welcome at the grand opening of her NP clinic a few weeks later. She only wanted supportive people there, and OP no longer fit the bill.

OP was more than happy to get uninvited because she didn’t want to go, anyway, and she had better things to do with her time.

Was She Out of Line for Cutting Down Her Cousins’ Inflated Claims?

Now, OP wonders if she was out of line for cutting down her cousins’ inflated claims. She didn’t mean to badmouth their professions, but she felt she had to defend her hard work.

Redditors are divided on this story. Many of them side with OP and think it’s rude and deceitful for her cousins to claim they are doctors.

Others agree that the cousins were wrong, but they think OP’s response was a low blow.

Some healthcare workers commented that OP is part of the problem in the profession. They think doctors look down on their coworkers and see OP’s response as typical.

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