Family Food Fight: Parents Expect Him to Feed the Whole Family but Ban Him From Eating What He Wants

A young man stirred up Redditors when he told his stepfather that all the food in the house was his. He had facts to back him up, too. Here is the whole story.

Full House

OP is a 20-year-old man who is living with his mom and stepdad. For much of his life, he lived with his dad, who is now working out of the country.

Also living in the house are OP’s 6-year-old half-brother and the stepdad’s two daughters from a previous marriage, ages 12 and 14.

OP’s stepdad recently lost his job and has been doing odd work here and there while he looks for a new full-time gig. OP’s mom doesn’t work much, either.

Money Tight

Overall, it’s been a tight few months with OP’s stepdad out of work.

But none of that affects OP too much since he’s been working and buying his own stuff since he was 16. He even started paying rent when he was 18.

Now, OP is a full-time college student, but he still works. So, even though his mom and stepdad are struggling, OP buys his own food and is doing fine.

Separate Groceries

For most of the time, OP has been living with his mom and stepdad; he had no problems with them. They understood that he bought his food and that it was off-limits to them.

OP would even let the kids eat some of his snacks since they only got a few treats from their parents.

But over time, as their finances got worse, OP’s mom would ask him to pick up this or that when he went shopping. He didn’t mind too much and did what she asked.

He Was Feeding Them All

Eventually, OP was buying all the groceries for the whole family, plus driving the kids around. Not to mention paying rent.

It was a little annoying because his mom and stepdad are big eaters, but OP went along to help out and keep the peace.

Recently, though, the situation escalated during a family dinner, and OP is struggling to decide how to move forward.

Watermelon Drama

That week, OP had bought some watermelon at the store but hadn’t had a chance to eat it. As dinner was winding down, he went to get himself a slice.

OP was surprised to see that there was just a little bit of watermelon left, but it was better than nothing.

As he settled back in at the table to eat the watermelon, OP’s stepsister said she wanted it. He told her there was other fruit she could have instead.

“Put It Back”

The stepsister was insistent that she wanted the watermelon, but OP pointed out she’d already eaten more than her share during the week. He was going to eat the watermelon.

That’s when OP’s stepdad stepped in. He told OP that the kids could eat what they wanted and that OP would have to eat something else.

OP repeated that the kids had been eating the watermelon all week, but he hadn’t had any of it. To that, the stepdad told him to “put it back, son.”

He Would Eat What He Wanted

That set off OP, and he told his stepdad he’d eat whatever he wanted since he paid for all the food in the house.

OP stood up and took the watermelon to his room to eat. Later, his mom came to apologize for her husband.

But Mom also told OP he was being rude and accused him of abusing the family financially.

Move Out Fast!

Redditors overwhelmingly support OP and think that he had every right to insist on eating the watermelon himself.

Many of them say that the mom is projecting when she accuses her son of abuse. Some commenters advise OP to get as far away from the family as possible.

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