Family Secrets Exposed – She Reveals the Shocking Truth Behind Divorce, Leaving Family Devastated

A jilted friend took to Reddit to ask for opinions after she told her former sister-in-law the real reason for her divorce. The truth shattered many family illusions. Here is the full story.

Dating Her Best Friends Brother

OP is a 32-year-old woman who met her best friend in college. They started as assigned roommates and ended up with a lifelong bond.

As their friendship grew, the roommate decided to introduce OP to her brother. He was three years older, and the two hit it off.

Before long, OP was dating her roommate’s brother, and they got serious quickly. They got married when OP was 24.

OP and her husband had two kids together in the following years, now ages 3 and 5.

He Was Very Intelligent and Competitive

In the meantime, OP’s husband was busy building his career. He is very intelligent and competitive and naturally gravitated toward a very intense field.

The pressure of the job got to OP’s husband, who turned to alcohol to help cope with it all. Pretty soon, he drank way too much and was drunk most of the time.

At OP’s urging, her husband went to therapy and quit drinking. He also came away with a list of stressors that triggered his drinking.

Thinking he was “cured,” OP’s husband quit therapy. But the pressure of the job was still there, and he started drinking hard again within no time.

but hit the bottle… hard

It was a pattern repeated several times over about five years or so. It was during this time that OP gave birth to her kids.

The husband’s drinking and yoyo therapy started to have a real negative effect on OP’s kids as they grew. He would promise to do something for or with them, then not show up because he had been drinking.

The third time her husband quit therapy and started drinking again, OP gave him an ultimatum. She’d take the kids and leave him if he didn’t get sober for good.

OP’s husband gave it another shot and went through therapy again. And again, he stopped drinking.

She Filed for Divorce

But in the end, OP’s husband started drinking again, just like always. He said he wanted to have control, which meant drinking a couple times a week rather than quitting cold turkey.

True to her word, OP took her kids and left. She also filed for divorce.

All along the way, though, OP’s husband had asked her to keep his drinking a secret from his family. She had gone along with it.

So when OP left her husband, it looked like it came from out of the blue to his family.

… And Spilled the Beans

OP had stayed close to her best friend and sister-in-law throughout her marriage. But when the other woman learned about the surprise divorce, she wanted to end their friendship.

OP felt like she’d already lost enough and didn’t want to lose her best friend, too.

That’s when OP finally spilled the beans and told her sister-in-law the truth about why she was ending the marriage.

OP’s best friend was horrified to hear about her brother’s behavior, and she confronted him about it. He admitted that he had been hiding his drinking problem all those years.

Was She Obligated To Keep His Secret?

Now, OP’s ex-husband is angry at her for ruining his sister’s opinion of him. He said his parents were also distraught with him.

But OP doesn’t think she was obligated to keep her ex’s secret, and she sure didn’t want it to be the reason she lost her best friend.

Redditors overwhelmingly support OP’s actions and think she had every right to tell her best friend the truth.

Some commenters point out, though, that OP should have never kept her husband’s secret in the first place. He is battling an addiction, and his family needed to know what was going on.

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