“People Will Love It” – Famous Actress Reveals Trump’s Hilarious Attempt to Date Her

Trump showed his classic stubbornness in a recent story recounted by Brooke Shields from way back in 1999 when the soon-to-be president asked her out on a date while boasting about his riches.

“You and I Should Date”

Brooke Shields opened up about a unique encounter with Donald Trump after she refused a date with him in the 90s! Shields shared her Trump story, giving the public a glimpse into this little-known interaction.

Trump didn’t beat around the bush; he went straight to the point with Shields, proposing something unexpected.

In the late ’90s, Shields received a call from Trump that left her astonished when he uttered the words, “You and I should date.”

I’m the World’s Richest Man”

Trump’s pitch to Shields was a date for this reason, “You’re America’s sweetheart, and I’m the world’s richest man. People will love it.” he said.

Shields was bewildered by the sudden offer and struggled to keep her laughter in check before turning him down.

“I Have a Boyfriend”

Shields graciously declined, citing her loyalty to her then-boyfriend “Thank you, I’m very flattered, but I have a boyfriend, and I don’t think he would appreciate me stepping out on him.”

Trump wasn’t one to back down, asserting his stance and implying Shields was making a mistake, “Well, I think you’re making a big mistake,” he said.

Brooke Shields maintained her decision and was ready to face the consequences of her choice, “Well, I’m going to have to take my chances,” she uttered.

On the Rebound

This intriguing encounter happened around Trump’s divorce from Marla Maples, showing his eagerness for a quick rebound.

Shield’s then-boyfriend was key to her refusal of Trump’s unexpected proposal, but we guess that she probably wouldn’t have said yes anyway.

Trump’s Bold Approach Nothing New

Years later, Shields recounted the story, providing more details about her unique and awkward incident. This encounter offered insight into Trump’s bold and direct approach to pursuing relationships.

Shield’s love life took a different turn following this encounter, as she divorced tennis star Andre Agassi in 2017.

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