Fast Food Workers’ Secret ‘Thieving’ Discounts – McDonald’s Employee Reveals Friends Get $30 Meals for $2

TikTok user Chanel @theyhatece shares a surprising revelation in a video, working as a McDonald’s employee, she talked about giving her friends a special discount, allowing them to pay a fraction of the total bill. This revelation has led other fast food workers to reveal their own shocking tales!

Chanel’s video quickly goes viral, reaching over 1.5 million views and shocking the public.

Users are fascinated by her bold move to share this secret perk enjoyed by her friends.

In the video, a text reads, “Me trying to explain to my manager why my friends only paid $2.37 for a $30 order.

The video shows Chanel looking confused and walking around the kitchen with a receipt symbolizing the huge discount she gave her friends.

As the video went viral, fellow fast food workers shared their experiences in the comments section, “Im so glad my managers didn’t care they would just tell us to print out paper so in the camera it looks like they payed,” One user revealed.

Employees reveal clever tactics to provide hidden discounts to their friends.

“No, cause when I worked at Wendy’s and family or friends came by, I would click on all the coupons buttons plus my discount,” Another user said.

One user even alleged, “I be like “IDK, someone must be wrong with the machine. I swear they paid for the whole thing.”

One user was not as impressed by the friend’s discount, boldly commenting, “It’s called theft.”

Another replied to them saying, “You must be fun at parties.”

Do you think these discounts are harmless acts of kindness or should they be treated more seriously? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the debate in the comments.

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