Her Father Was Moved to Hear the Voice of His Late Mother Coming From a Teddybear!

This father was reduced to tears after his family gifted him with a heartwarming present for Christmas. The father was presented with a Build-a-Bear with a twist, as the father pressed the bear’s paw, he heard the familiar, soft voice of his late mother. The moment was captured and shared on TikTok.

An Emotional Surprise

Prepare to reach for the tissues as we look into the emotional surprise that left one man in tears. 

TikToker Summer captured the heartfelt moment when she gifted her father a special present for Christmas—a teddy bear that could play a recording of his late mother’s voice. 

The heartwarming video, shared on TikTok, quickly went viral, touching the hearts of millions around the world. Summer, the thoughtful daughter behind the surprise, explained the sentimental backstory in her TikTok video. 

She revealed that her grandma had passed away earlier in the year, and as a tribute to her, the family decided to get her father a unique gift. 

At First He Thought It Was a Joke

The chosen present was a Build-A-Bear plush toy with a recording of his late mother’s voice embedded inside. As the video begins, Summer’s father unwraps the gift, initially thinking it might be a joke. 

To his surprise, he discovers a box containing a “birth certificate” for the bear, which has been named “Milk Biscuit” as an inside joke with his late mother. 

Touched by the sentiment, he expresses his gratitude with a heartfelt response, exclaiming, “Aw, that’s really kind.”

Following Summer’s instructions, her father lifts the bear out of the box and takes a moment to smell it, relishing the scent of bubblegum. 

Shocked and Moved

Then, with anticipation in the air, Summer encourages her father to press the bear’s paw. As he follows her instructions, the voice of Summer’s late nan fills the room, saying, “Hello darling.”

Shocked and moved by the sound of his late mother’s voice, Summer’s father keeps on pressing the paw. He tightly holds the bear, shedding tears as family members gathered around to comfort him.

The video has over 2.6 million views, with more than 400,000 likes and countless heartwarming comments. 

“That ‘hello darlin’ got me,” admitted one user.

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