Father of the Year Cancels Spring Break for Laundry Drama – Because Who Needs Fun Anyway?

A shocked father took to Reddit for opinions after he canceled his son’s Spring Break to make him take care of his younger brother. Did the punishment fit the crime? Here is the full story so you can decide for yourself.

His Son Was Furious About His Dirty Laundry

OP and his wife have two sons, ages 12 and 10. Normally, they’re good kids.

But recently, OP came home from work to find his older son in the middle of a tirade directed at his mother.

The kid was standing there yelling at OP’s wife about the laundry. She hadn’t cleaned his smelly clothes to his satisfaction.

OP watched in horror as his son asked his mother how hard it was to ensure his clothes were clean.

So He Made Him Wash Everyone’s Clothes

That’s when OP stepped in, marched his son to the laundry room, and made the kid wash everyone’s clothes. It was a crash course.

OP showed his son how to sort clothes, get the washer ready, and pick the dryer settings. Then he showed him how to fold, hang, and put away the clothes.

It was an eye-opener on how hard it was to get clothes clean, but it was just the start of the lessons OP had in mind for his son.

OP’s wife is a teacher who works long hours at school, then comes home and does her share and more at home. She needed a break.

His Son Was the Main Attraction for Spring Break

So, with Spring Break coming up, OP sent his wife to Mexico with some of her friends from work for a well-deserved vacation.

That was just part of OP’s plans for Spring Break, however.

For the other half of his scheme, OP arranged to work from home during the week his wife was away. That would give him a chance to keep an eye on things.

But the main attraction during Spring Break was reserved for OP’s 12-year-old son.

… A List of Chores!

OP told his boy that he would get his chance since it was so easy to care for things at home. The boy would spend his Spring Break caring for his younger brother.

The list of chores OP gave his son for Spring Break included making breakfast, doing laundry, and keeping the house clean.

Not surprisingly, OP’s son had a cow when he found out that he would have to spend his Spring Break taking care of his kid brother. He said it was totally unfair that he had to work on his time off.

That was music to OP’s ears because he wanted the punishment to hurt at least a little. He told his son that if he and his wife could take care of things while working full-time jobs, the boy could do it during his downtime.

Even His Grandmother Said He Needed To Follow the Rules

Frantic, OP’s son, called his grandmother, OP’s mom, to see if he could stay with her during Spring Break. She was down with it, but OP said no way.

OP’s mom told him she thought he was being cruel. But he reminded her of the punishment she and her husband gave out when OP was a kid.

OP also told his mom his son could stay with her if she were willing to fess up to all those old-school punishments.

The older woman backed down immediately and told her grandson that he had to follow OP’s rules.

… Does He Need To Be Careful With Boundaries?

Redditors overwhelmingly support OP’s position here, but some think he needs to be careful to draw clear boundaries around the punishment.

They say that getting his point across is one thing, but making life miserable for his son is another.

Several also applaud OP for the way he handled his mother’s meddling, and they think she has the potential to cause more trouble down the road.

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