Finally, A Beer for Those Who Know Their Restrooms – Introducing: ‘Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer’!

A new beer has emerged, designed for right-wing men who oppose Bud Light’s recent LGBTQ+ campaign, and it’s called Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer. It’s so cliche that left-wing social media can’t believe it’s real!

“America Has Been Drinking Beer From a Company That Doesn’t Even Know Which Restroom to Use”

Seth Weathers, the man behind this controversial creation, unveiled the news through a one-minute advertisement that, unbelievably, is not a parody.

Weathers boldly proclaimed, “America has been drinking beer from a company that doesn’t even know which restroom to use.”

This statement, coupled with videos of Dylan Mulvaney, who has faced disgraceful anti-LGBTQ bullying since partnering with the beer brand, aimed to justify the existence of the Ultra Right Beer.

Weathers declared, “As conservatives, we’re constantly getting hit in the face left and right by the woke-mind virus. But the last place we want it is in our beer.”

“If You Know What Bathroom You Should Use, You Know What Beer You Should Be Drinking”

Weathers then falsely claimed that the left is confused about which toilet they should use, “If you know what bathroom you should use, you know what beer you should be drinking,” a tagline that’s so ridiculous, some Twitter users can’t believe it’s real.

The beer creator unleashed his frustration by whacking a can of Bud Light with a baseball bat, delivering a clear message to other “woke corporations” telling them to stay away from their kids, which has nothing to do with a beer advert.

This shocking ad spread like wildfire on Twitter, reaching 1.4 million views and leaving countless individuals confused by its authenticity.

One user suggested, “If I were making a parody of conservatives being babies, I couldn’t come up with something this good.”

Do You Think This Was a Serious Beer Ad?

“The American right is so detached from reality, they don’t even realize how much of a self-parody their own ads are,” Another user claimed.

Did you think this was a serious beer ad? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments.

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