Unfairly Fired: Father’s Pleas for Understanding Ignored After His Daughter’s Brain Surgery, Now He’s Planning a Mutiny!

One former employee feels like he was unfairly fired after years of hard work for a restaurant came crashing down after he decided to reduce his hours. The only issue is he reduced his hours because of his daughter’s terrifying accident; now, he wants to go back to the restaurant and get revenge.

Unfair Firing

Mike, a General Manager at a restaurant, was devastated after being fired despite his years of dedication and hard work.

For over a decade, he poured his heart and soul into the restaurant, earning nothing but praise from his boss and being credited for the business’s growth.

But life had other plans for Mike when his young daughter, Rebecca, faced a terrifying accident, pushing him into a traumatic and stressful period.

Emergency Brain Surgery 

Mike had no choice but to spend his last two weeks of paid vacation with his family during Rebecca’s emergency brain surgery.

Rebecca is now doing well and is set to be discharged soon.

Upon returning to work, Mike requested a reduced schedule to spend more time with his recovering daughter.

Mike had been working tirelessly, putting in 60+ hours a week, but requested a more manageable workload of 45 hours with two days off.

A Plea for Understanding

Little did he know this plea for understanding would lead to the shocking betrayal that followed.

Mike arrived at work one Tuesday to find his belongings packed up and was fired by his boss.

Mike acknowledged that he wasn’t at his peak performance during his return, but he insists that he gave it his all despite his mind being elsewhere.

Boss Lacking Compassion 

“I won’t deny that I wasn’t 100% when I came back, as I had other priorities over my job. Still, I put in my all. This place was my family, and I thought my boss was more compassionate and understanding about my situation. Guess not,” Mike said.

Being fired left Mike heartbroken; he wondered why he was truly let go.

He had always been the heart and soul of the restaurant, treating everyone with kindness and respect.

A Conspiracy?

Mike never got on with the other managers, whom he suspected might have something to do with him being fired, as he wasn’t working as many hours as them.

“I have a feeling they were behind my sudden termination,” John revealed, hinting at a possible conspiracy.

Mike now wants to return to the restaurant to set the record straight with his former colleagues.

Mike now wants to go back and convince other staff members to walk out of the business, sabotaging his former employers and managers.

Encouraging Staff Mutiny

He’s now asking the Reddit community if he would be in the wrong for sabotaging the restaurant, and they didn’t hold back in the comments.

One user argued that Mike should inform them of his thoughts over a few drinks away from work,” Invite them all out for drinks and after work, excluding your boss, of course. Then you can answer questions about your firing truthfully.”

Others warned of potential dangers to the plan, “I think you should be very careful on how you do this; otherwise, you risk getting arrested,” one warned.

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