First-Class Dreams Shattered: Her Fiance Was Forced Into Coach So Crew Staff Could Take a Nap in His Seat

One woman’s surprise engagement present was completely ruined when her fiance’s first-class seat was taken away by the flight crew, all because one of the staff wanted a nap!

Dream Flight Becomes Nightmare

Danielle Schwab (@watergirl8296) was on her dream flight when it quickly turned into a nightmare.

Schwab booked first-class plane tickets “fair and square.”

On a United Airlines flight from London to Chicago, staff told her fiancé, Mikey, to move from first class to coach.

In a follow-up video, Schwab reveals the juicy details.

Horrible Handling

A gate agent supervisor said, “a flight attendant needs this seat.” 

Danielle’s father asked why Mikey had to move, to which the supervisor said Mikey was “the next person on the list,” but didn’t show a list.

The family complained, but the company said, “There’s nothing else we can do.” 

The alternatives were to take the next flight with a first-class seat or get a refund.

Even the flight attendants agreed it was “handled horribly,” and Schwab’s surprise engagement present was spoiled for the family.

Demand a Refund!

After landing, the family got help but received no compensation, and Danielle says the airline hasn’t addressed the issue.

Danielle’s videos went viral, with millions of views, and people in the comments were outraged.

Danielle calls the experience “beyond unacceptable.”

Users in the comments are demanding that she gets a refund, “I’d ask for a total refund!!!”

Others question why they got treated better than the customers, “I would demand a refund and demand why they get privileges no one didn’t pay for first class.”

What would you say if a flight attendant asked you to move to coach from your first-class seat? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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