Fitness Influencer Exposes TikToker’s False Harassment Claims in Shocking Gym Confrontation!

Famous fitness influencer Joey Swoll has confronted one TikTok user in this viral video, as she films herself in the gym while accusing a man of harassing her when he was actually trying to help her. 

“Staring at Her Like a Piece of Meat”

The drama unfolded when Twitch streamer Jessica Fernandez shared a video claiming a fellow weight-lifter was “Staring at her like a piece of meat.”

But Swoll isn’t buying it and has a few choice words for those quick to play the victim card.

In a captivating stitch titled “Women are harassed in gyms, and it needs to stop, but you are not one of them. An act of kindness or a glance does not make you a victim,” Swoll breaks down the situation.

“First and foremost, there is a big difference between staring at somebody and simply looking or glancing at them,” he emphasizes.

The Man Approached Her Out of Kindness

Swoll delves into the reasons behind the man’s gaze, highlighting that Fernandez was filming herself, drawing attention to her presence.

He suggests that the man approached her out of kindness, recognizing her struggle with attaching a weight to her barbell.

According to Swoll, lending a helping hand has nothing to do with gender but is a common practice in the gym community.

“You help people because it’s kind to do,” he declares.

She Wants to Violently Hurt the Man

In response to Fernandez’s aggressive comments about how she wants to violently hurt the man for “staring”, Swoll expresses his disappointment.

He reminds her that real harassment exists and that she should do better.

The fitness influencer’s perspective struck a chord with thousands of TikTokers.

“He Literally Came Over to Help”

Among the supportive voices, one female commentator remarked, “He literally came over to help. Imagine his face when he seen her video.”

Another user pointed out, “This is paranoid and self-conscious behavior. He’s not in the wrong whatsoever.”

Was Swoll doing the right thing by calling her out? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments.

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