For Love or Money? She Manipulates Her Stalking Ex in Twisted Financial Scheme!

One girl found herself worrying when an ex who mistreated her realized he wanted her back, and he started stalking her to get what he wanted! When she realized he was sending her free money to win her back, the girl and her new boyfriend saw it as a business opportunity and gladly received the money while the girl pretended she was single.

A Long-Distance Relationship

Jess was entangled in a long-distance romance with Ross, a hotel engineer.

His job took him to various places, and although it provided financial security, that wasn’t the main reason she was drawn to him.

Jess never had the chance to visit Ross’s hometown, as he disturbingly insisted on keeping her away from his family.

Meeting his friends seemed impossible as he claimed they only existed online. Jess and Ross met only a few times each month during their roughly eight or nine-month journey.

She Felt Neglected

His communication started to decline, leaving Jess feeling neglected. Despite her efforts to talk, Ross blamed his work and refused to put in the effort.

After just one argument, he abruptly broke up with her over the phone, disappearing from her life for a month.

Ross randomly showed up one night, driven by alcohol, and Jess knew it was just a drunken booty call.

They decided to give their relationship another chance, yet it didn’t work out again, and she ended things when she wasn’t attracted to him anymore.

She Pretended To Be Single To Reap the Financial Benefits

Though sad and surprised, he accepted the breakup—or so she believed. Little did Jess know, Ross would try to stay in touch with her for years, even when she was involved in other relationships.

His determination to remain in her life was becoming stalker-like. In a surprising turn of events, Ross began giving Jess money, hoping to win her favor.

Noticing an opportunity, Jess played along, pretending to be single to reap financial benefits.

Her current boyfriend was unbothered by this arrangement, considering it free money, though some of his friends disapproved.

She Was Exploiting Him

In an ironic twist, Jess found herself exploiting him this time around. He was desperate for her attention, and she took advantage of this.

If he wanted to send her free money willingly, she saw no reason to refuse.

She’s now wondering from Reddit if she was making the right choice throughout her time receiving money, and they didn’t hold back!

“It’s Wrong To Use People. Be a Better Person and Maintain Some Self-Respect by Not Using a Man for Money”

One user felt very strongly about the situation, “You feel he strung you along during your few months of a relationship, but now that’s what you’re doing to him. It’s wrong to use people. Be a better person and maintain some self-respect by not using a man for money.”

Other users were more forgiving saying they would do the same, “He wouldn’t leave you alone, if an ex is constantly pestering me, I’m going to end up taking advantage of it.”

Join in the fiery debate by leaving your thoughts in the comments!

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