Former TikTok Employee’s Viral Virtual Office Tour – ‘Come With Me to Steal Company Assets’

Simona Ruzer, a former TikTok employee who was recently laid off, has gained widespread attention on the app after sharing a tour of TikTok’s New York City office on her last day. 

Stealing Company Assets From TikTok

The video, posted on February 18, quickly went viral as Ruzer playfully invited viewers to join her in “stealing company assets from TikTok.”

In the amusing video, Ruzer encountered a comical struggle with the turnstile using her access keycard before showcasing various aspects of the office. She highlighted the surprising decor choices, such as neon-lit hallways. 

Adding to the humor, Ruzer danced in the bathroom while Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable” blared from the speakers, playfully reflecting on the corporate world’s lack of sentimentality.

Ruzer offered glimpses of the impressive view of the New York City skyline and the vibrant “fun auditorium area” with its colorful ceiling lights. 

Snacks Are Company Assets

She then cheekily referred to the snacks in the office as “company assets” and humorously packed them into her bag, jokingly claiming what was “rightfully hers.” 

However, Ruzer later revealed that she gave most of the snacks away to someone on the subway.

The video continued with Ruzer leaving her work laptop and ID for TikTok’s IT department but deciding to keep her TikTok lanyard as a memento for her two-and-a-half-year tenure at the company.

She jokingly stated, “It’s the least they could give me.”

She Deserved It All!

Concluding the video, Ruzer bid farewell to the office, expressing her excitement for the next adventure while playfully asserting that she deserved it all. 

The TikTok quickly went viral, garnering over 2.4 million views and sparking discussions about trendy office spaces and company layoffs.

While some viewers expressed concerns about extravagant office expenses amidst layoffs, others found amusement in Ruzer’s video being shared on TikTok itself.

Many praised her handling of the layoff and wished her the best for the future, with some playfully suggesting she should have taken more snacks.

A Blessing in Disguise

In a follow-up video, Ruzer clarified that she harbored no hard feelings towards the company and considered the layoff a blessing in disguise.

She expressed gratitude for the severance package and assured viewers that she was excited about what lay ahead. 

Addressing concerns about her video’s viral success, she clarified that she had no power to make it go viral and was simply sharing her experience.

Ruzer also addressed misconceptions regarding her actions, stating that she had only taken a small amount of snacks worth around $10 and emphasized that it was all done in jest. 

Still Actively Hiring

She further explained that, to her knowledge, TikTok was not undergoing mass layoffs and that they were still actively hiring.

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