From Chaos to Kindness – A BBQ Giveaway That Warmed More Than Just Food

OP’s intent of giving away a free BBQ on Facebook Marketplace took a wild turn. Expect a rollercoaster ride of unexpected encounters, clashing entitlements, and a heartwarming end.

Free Barbeque!

OP’s day began with a noble intention: to give away their BBQ grill for free on Facebook. This was necessitated by a renovation project that demanded the precious balcony space where the BBQ previously resided.

Upon posting the offer on Facebook Marketplace, the listing garnered a mind-boggling response of 104 eager messages. OP picked the first respondent, set up a pick-up time, and began the laborious task of relocating the BBQ to their parking garage.

After all the effort, the initial recipient was a no-show. Disgruntled, OP resorted to placing the BBQ on the curb with a FREE sign, messaging the early birds about the grill’s new location.

Two hours later, the BBQ remained untouched. Now preparing to notify others, OP received a touching message from a recently divorced mother of two struggling with her finances, who requested a hold on the BBQ for 30 minutes while she drove to OP’s place.

A Debate Over “Bad Business” Ethics

Moved by her story, OP pulled the BBQ back into their garage, leaving a note for the neighbors about the pick-up arrangements, and didn’t bother to update the previous responders.

While checking mail, OP discovered a couple dismantling the BBQ in their parking garage, mistakenly assuming it was theirs for the taking, leading to an intense confrontation.

The misunderstanding escalated into a verbal volley. OP attempted to clarify the situation, but the disgruntled man adamantly claimed the BBQ, sparking a debate over “bad business” ethics in a free-giveaway situation.

As tempers flared, the couple resorted to threats about bad karma. But OP stood their ground, defending their actions and intentions and stating how really bad karma is acting inappropriately over an honest mistake.

A Happy Ending

Just when things were heating up, with the man’s car ominously facing OP, they finally retreated, leaving OP with relief and an exciting tale to tell.

Moments later, the kind-hearted woman arrived. OP, along with their neighbors, assisted her in dismantling and packing the BBQ. The woman’s heartfelt gratitude and belief in karma added a touch of warmth to the chaotic episode.

As OP pondered the day’s events, they questioned their role in the saga. Was it an entitlement issue, a misunderstanding, or just a case of people failing to accept a missed opportunity gracefully?

In this riveting episode from OP’s life, they discovered the mixed reactions that even an act of goodwill can stir up. Despite the turmoil, OP’s intent remained unshaken, marking an unforgettable day in the annals of their Facebook Marketplace experiences.

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