From Classroom To High-Class His Teacher Girlfriend’s Lavish Desires Strain His Love and Wallet – He’s Worried He Can’t Keep Her Happy!

A young man divided Redditors when he revealed that he told his girlfriend he can’t afford to be her sugar daddy. Things only worsened when he told her what he thought of her friends. Here is the whole story.

Most of Her Friends Live the High Life

OP is a 27-year-old man who has been dating a 23-year-old teacher for a couple of years. OP considers his girlfriend and her circle of friends absolutely beautiful women.

Most of her friends are single and like to hit the upscale party scene, where wealthy men shower them with gifts and affection. OP’s girlfriend wants many of those things, though she has been true to him.

OP makes an excellent living, but he’s still early in his career. So his income doesn’t quite measure up to some of the high-rollers his girlfriend’s buddies like to hang out with.

Besides, OP wants to retire young to enjoy as much of life as possible. That means he doesn’t spend all his money but saves a good hunk of it every paycheck.

He’s in Good Financial Shape Overall

He’s done well enough in his career so far that OP has been able to pay off a large portion of his mortgage. And he came out of college without any debt, so he’s in good financial shape overall.

And OP still likes to have his fun and thinks he’s pretty generous with his money when it comes to his friends.

He and his girlfriend have a trip to Jamaica in the works, and that’s all happening on his dime.

The problem is that OP’s girlfriend constantly compares what she has and does to her friends’ lifestyle. She also wants the constant lavish gifts and fancy dinners they’re always telling her about.

He Thinks He’s Inadequate

It has led to much tension between OP and his girlfriend. She constantly throws all the fancy things her friends have in his face, which hurts his feelings and makes him think she views him as inadequate.

One day when his girlfriend was laying it on thick about one of her friends, OP had finally had enough.

He told his girlfriend he could not afford to be her sugar daddy to keep up with the older men her friends ran around with.

That offended OP’s girlfriend. She said her friends weren’t like that and they all worked for what they had. OP nearly laughed at that and pointed out that none of them had jobs that could support their current lifestyles.

She Accused Him of Calling Her Friends Sex Workers

OP reminded his girlfriend that one of her friends drove a $100K car yet worked only part-time as a hostess in a restaurant.

That set OP’s girlfriend off, and she read between the lines. She accused him of calling her friends sex workers and passing judgment on them.

OP promised that he was not making any accusations but just pointing out that the women couldn’t afford their lifestyles independently.

When he asked her to explain how her friends paid for their luxuries, his girlfriend turned the conversation on him.

“Do You Think I Am a ‘Kept’ Woman Too?”

His girlfriend wanted to know if OP considered her a “kept” woman, too, since he made six times as much as she did and paid for everything.

OP assured his girlfriend that he respected her and was proud to be dating a teacher. But he stood by his point that he can’t afford to give her everything her friends had.

Now, OP and his girlfriend aren’t talking much, and he’s worried about whether he can keep her happy moving forward.

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