From Fishy Packages To Sinning Shrimps and Going to Hell – He Had an Exciting Day at Work!

One typical day, OP, a 28-year-old employee, was working at a popular grocery chain’s seafood department located in the South. Like any other day, he found himself busily fulfilling his usual duties.

Fishy Packages

He was expertly packing salmon and cramming crab legs into bags when his work routine was about to take an unexpected turn. An older man, approximately 70 years old, strolled up to his counter.

OP greeted the gentleman with the same professional warmth he showed all customers. After the polite exchange, OP asked the man for his order.

The man wanted a pound of 36/40 shrimp, which for the uninitiated, falls into the medium to large category.

As OP started to select the shrimp, the man asked a puzzling question. “Do you know where your home is?”

“Do You Know if You’re Going to Heaven or Hell?”

Confused, OP tried to lighten the situation with a joke, confirming that he indeed knew his home’s location since he had to return there post-shift.

However, the man was referring to a different type of home. He clarified with a grave tone, “No, your eternal home! Do you know if you’re going to heaven or hell?” This question stunned OP into momentary silence.

Eventually, OP managed to respond. He casually dismissed the idea of an afterlife, hoping this would put an end to the strange conversation. But the man had other plans.

The old man declared that OP was probably destined for hell, as he “looked like a sinner,” referencing OP’s rainbow button. The man’s bigotry hit a nerve, and OP quickly wrapped up the man’s shrimp order.

He Retorted “The Bible Considers Shellfish Consumption as a Sin”

OP handed over the bag, smiling broadly, he retorted with a comment about the Bible considering shellfish consumption as a sin. Before the man could respond, OP swiftly exited the scene.

OP retreated into the neighboring meat department, seeking out his manager. He recounted the unusual encounter he just experienced, marking the end of a truly unforgettable interaction.

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