From Moon Landings to Lizard People: North Carolina’s Gubernatorial Hopeful Shocks with Outlandish Beliefs!

In politics, a candidate often emerges with views so wild that they’re both hard to ignore and almost impossible to believe. For the residents of North Carolina, GOP gubernatorial candidate Mark Robinson seems to fit that bill perfectly.

Mark Robinson Has a Flair for the Dramatic and Unconventional

Mark Robinson isn’t a newcomer to the political scene. As North Carolina’s sitting lieutenant governor, one would expect him to align with more conventional Republican political views.

However, Robinson’s flair for the dramatic and unconventional seems to extend beyond the usual realm of politics. He confidently labels himself a conspiracy theorist, but what does that really entail?

For Robinson, it seems to touch upon every major conspiracy, from questioning the authenticity of the 1969 moon landing, hinting at inside jobs for events as monumental as the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and expressing skepticism about the assassinations and mass shootings that have rocked the nation.

His beliefs go as far as to accuse Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg of being a paid actor and dismissing climate change as mere “junk science.”

He’s Linked to the Illuminati and Lizard People

Robinson’s lesser-known social media posts have pushed more unique narratives. He has dabbled in QAnon, hinted at a media conspiracy regarding police shootings, and implied that the Democrats staged the intercepted pipe bombs targeting high-profile Democrats.

He’s linked popular TV shows like “American Idol” and “Dancing With the Stars” to signals of an upcoming “New World Order,” a conspiracy theory that has been around for years that involves the Illuminati and Lizard People.

He’s drawn a distinct parallel between these shows and Stalin’s “Show Trials. Where people were lined up and judged then executed.”

Beyoncé and Jay-Z Deliver Satanic Messages

Robinson alleges that the music industry is a pawn of the devil. In his view, powerhouses like Beyoncé and Jay-Z are conduits for satanic messages meant to turn the masses away from Christian beliefs.

Beyond the music industry, Robinson’s perspective on world events is equally as interesting. He labeled the 2014 Boko Haram kidnapping of schoolgirls in Nigeria an intricate plot orchestrated by billionaire Democratic philanthropist George Soros.

Some might argue that this whirlwind of conspiratorial statements provides comic relief in the often dry world of politics.

But for many, these beliefs are cause for concern, especially given Robinson’s endorsement by former president Trump and his apparently rising popularity as we approach the 2024 elections.

“Mark Robinson Is Forest on Steroids”

Despite this momentum, not everyone is convinced of Robinson’s potential for victory. Steven Greene, a political science professor, remarked that Robinson epitomizes the “culture war ID of the Republican Party.”

However, Greene predicts that Robinson’s extreme views may hinder his chances in a general election, drawing parallels to GOP’s 2020 nominee, Dan Forest: “Dan Forest’s problem, and the reason he lost, was because he was seen as too extreme of a social conservative. Mark Robinson is Forest on steroids.”

“We have seen ever since the elevation of Trump, Republican primary voters, again and again, time and time and time again, choosing the candidate who makes an awful general election candidate in a purple state. My presumption is Mark Robinson will fall right into this pattern.” Greene stated.

Does Robinson Have What It Takes To Win?

Not everyone within the GOP supports Robinson’s controversial trajectory. GOP contenders like former U.S. Rep. Mark Walker and state treasurer Dale Folwell have voiced their concerns. Folwell’s advice to Robinson is simply, “Shut up.”

Conversely, Democratic hopefuls are gearing up for a tough race. Attorney General Josh Stein has announced his campaign, with current Governor Roy Cooper being term-limited out.

Despite the controversies, some political experts believe Robinson has what it takes to win. They believe his charisma has built him a substantial following and that his status as an African-American Republican offers a unique dynamic at a time when the party is often accused of racial insensitivity.

As the campaign progresses, whether North Carolina’s electorate will embrace or reject Robinson’s brand of politics remains to be seen. Only time will tell if Robinson’s trajectory follows past candidates’ footsteps or if he manages to rewrite the script for future GOP hopefuls.

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