From Passionate Love to Explosive Fallout: One Joke Ignites Relationship Inferno!

Hugh and Crystal had a history that spanned years. They had first crossed paths during their high school days. In the first couple of years, Hugh wasn’t the kindest person to Crystal. However, he has since owned up to that.

They Attended College Together

Their bond grew when they both attended college. During their final year, Crystal’s behavior towards Hugh began to change. She was more excited to spend time with him and found reasons just to be near him.

This shift wasn’t solely Hugh’s observation; even Crystal’s close circle of friends commented on it. They openly told Hugh that Crystal was into him and nudged him to make a move.

However, the pressures and commitments of Hugh’s life at that point meant he was pretty much unavailable 24/7.

Crystal took matters into her own hands, asking him out on multiple occasions, but more often than not, Hugh had to say no.

They Took Their Relationship to the Next Level

Fast forward to the present: They took their relationship to the next level three months ago and started dating! Crystal was overjoyed. She radiated happiness, often expressing to Hugh how pleased she was with their new status.

However, the sunny skies of their relationship seemed to cloud over recently. Last weekend, Hugh had the chance to see some old friends visiting town.

Crystal had been looking forward to spending that weekend with him for a long time – a weekend where they were both off work was a rare occurrence. When Hugh told her about the opportunity to see his friends, she said she didn’t mind if he spent his time with them instead.

Following that weekend, there was a change in the air. The usually cheerful Crystal appeared distant, her warmth replaced with frostiness. One evening, Hugh returned home from work to find Crystal in his apartment.

“The Relationship Wasn’t Meeting Her Expectations”

She was cooking, and she’d tidied his apartment. He attempted to strike up a conversation, but her responses were short – she seemed upset.

Trying to get to the heart of the matter, Hugh asked if something was troubling her. Crystal’s response was straightforward; the relationship wasn’t meeting her expectations. She felt that Hugh acted selfishly, prioritizing his needs over hers last weekend.

Crystal felt sidelined and told Hugh that he seemed like he was more into himself than into ‘them.’

Hugh went on the defensive. He reminded Crystal that she had shown interest in him first. Caught off-guard by this, she responded, explaining that their past shouldn’t dictate their present.

They’ve Not Spoken Since That Day.

Hugh, aiming to lighten the mood, commented in jest that “maybe instead of being upset, she should feel privileged that she got herself to the point where she could cook for me.”

This joke, however, didn’t land. Deeply hurt, Crystal began collecting her belongings. Hugh tried to fix the situation, urging her to stay and talk things out. But she declined.

In his attempt to show affection and ease the situation, Hugh reached out to hug and kiss Crystal, but she pulled away. She felt he was dismissive and belittling her, making her feel even more undervalued.

They’ve not spoken since that day.

Redditors Did Not Hold Back

Hugh felt it best to give Crystal some space. However, the following day, a text popped up on his phone. From one of Crystal’s friends, the message was simple and direct: “Wow, you’re dumb.”

Hugh took to Reddit, wanting to know if he was actually in the wrong or if she was overreacting. Redditors did not hold back.

Reddit users were HIGHLY critical of Hugh’s actions and attitude towards his girlfriend, Crystal. Many pointed out that he seemed to be holding the fact that “she pursued me” over her head, using it as an emotional weapon.

They criticized him for prioritizing his friends over Crystal, predominantly after she had expressed a desire to spend quality time with him. Users also took issue with Hugh’s “joke,” seeing it as misogynistic and disrespectful.

“Big Fat YTA. She Deserves Way Better Than You, Loser”

One particularly harsh user said, “Big fat YTA. She deserves WAY better than you, loser.”

Another user posted, “OMG – are you really that dense? If you can’t even see that YTA, you should do her a favor and just leave because that’s what is in your future. 100%, she is in the wind, and when it happens, she will tell everyone that this conversation is how she knew. You don’t even sound like you like this woman.”

What do you think? Was Crystal overreacting, or did Hugh go too far? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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