From Prison Bars to Steakhouse Stars – The Tale of the Red Crayon Application

A grand opening was on the horizon in the bustling epicenter of a beloved steakhouse. The day shift General Manager, an amiable man named Tom, was at the helm of the colossal task of staffing the new establishment. With an overwhelming mound of job applications to sift through, his journey began.

… From Prison Comrades and Jail Sentences

Each application represented a unique story, a potential addition to their growing team. From seasoned professionals to fresh faces, the applicants were as varied as they were numerous.

Specific applications had a way of embedding themselves in Tom’s memory. One candidate boldly listed his prison comrades and a parole officer as his references. Even though alarm bells rang, Tom was willing to give him a chance. Yet, as fate would have it, the hopeful applicant landed back in jail on the day of his interview.

Another unforgettable application was a woman’s, who, with unwavering confidence, claimed she had “tons of experience.” Upon further inspection, it was revealed that her experience spanned five different restaurants, with a total stint of two weeks.

The Red Crayon Application…

However, amidst the professional forms filled with blue or black ink, an application stood out starkly. The entire form was filled out, not with a conventional pen or pencil, but with a red crayon.

The audacity of this choice sparked Tom’s curiosity. Intrigued, he invited the unique candidate for an interview.

On the day of the interview, the man with the red crayon made his appearance. He arrived well-dressed, exuding an air of professionalism that was far from the whimsy his application suggested.

Dressed in a polo shirt, black jeans, and non-skid shoes, he seemed ready to jump into the hustle of the steakhouse at a moment’s notice.

He Had It All!

His credentials were as impressive as his appearance. He had excellent references, a consistent work history, and a comprehensive understanding of various roles within a restaurant – from dishwashing and bussing to food prep.

He had it all. Tom found himself considering this man, who was just the author of an eccentric application for the job.

Before Tom could finalize his decision, he had to satisfy his curiosity. Why the red crayon? The man’s response was as clever as it was unexpected.

“Well, I figured you’d have a ton of applications to dig through, so I wanted to stand out.” The strategy had worked beyond expectation.

“Are There Any More of You?”

The red crayon man had already shown his mettle two days into his job. His performance was so exemplary that Tom, in a lighter vein, asked him if there were more of him at home. As it turned out, he had a brother seeking work.

Keeping his word, he brought his brother the next day for a trial run. The sibling upheld the family reputation, showing himself as dedicated and skilled, earning him a direct entry to the team.

As time passed, Tom found himself ready to depart from the steakhouse after many years of service. The tale of the red crayon applicant held a special place among the sea of memories he took with him.

Unconventional Candidates Can Be the Most Exceptional

This story continued to evolve even in his absence as the brothers rose through the ranks to fill his shoes, serving as co-general managers of the steakhouse.

Thus, the story of the red crayon application transcended time, serving as a potent reminder of how the most unconventional candidates can be the most exceptional.

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