From Savior to Scapegoat – He Reaches Breaking Point With His Sister’s Unruly Twins

A helpful brother took to Reddit for opinions after he told his sister he couldn’t care for her kids anymore. It’s tough to find free full-time babysitters these days! Here is the whole story.

She Left Her Abusive Husband

OP is a 35-year-old man with a 28-year-old sister. The woman recently left her abusive husband, and her brother has helped her through the tough times.

OP’s sister also has twin boys, who are 10 years old. Whenever his sister comes to visit, she brings her sons with her.

That’s to be expected, of course, since she’s their mother, and they go where she goes for the most part. But OP cringes whenever he sees the boys walk through the door.

Part of the problem is that OP’s nephews have short attention spans and little interest in anything. It’s a toxic combination that makes them tough to deal with.

… And He Became a Free Babysitter

OP has tried to help by getting the boys interested in programming, sports, video games… anything!

But nothing sticks, and they spend all their time at OP’s house watching short videos and bouncing off the walls.

To make matters worse, OP’s sister has decided it’s time for her to live it up a little. So she never comes to visit anymore.

Instead, whenever OP’s sister shows up, it’s to drop off her boys so she can party for several hours.

The Kid’s Grades Were Slipping

OP has tried to be patient and even offered to help the boys adjust to their new lives. He pointed out that their grades were slipping and recommended that his sister take them for counseling.

But OP’s sister just ignored his pleas and continued to show up looking for free childcare.

It all came to a head one day recently when OP’s sister stopped by to drop off her boys again. OP was tired from work and other things he had going on.

So OP told his sister that he would not watch her boys because he was too tired.

He Told Her To Shut Up!

That made his sister angry, and she fired back, saying that OP had no life outside of work. He couldn’t be as tired as she was as a single mom, so he needed to step up and watch his nephews.

That was the last straw for OP. He told his sister to shut the **** up and that she has no idea how tired he is or isn’t.

OP also told his sister that he was sick of coming home after working full-time only to have her dump her monsters on him while she went out clubbing.

That was the end of the conversation, with OP’s sister packing up her boys and leaving. She went radio silent for several days afterward.

Even His Mom Called Him an Idiot

In the meantime, OP talked to his 59-year-old mother about the situation and said he was an idiot. Mom thinks he should apologize to his sister.

OP agrees that he should apologize for the profanities he used, and he plans to do that. But he still doesn’t think he should always feel obligated to watch his sister’s kids.

Redditors are firmly on OP’s side in this situation.

“She Needs Counseling for Both Her and Her Boys”

While they applaud his sister for leaving her abusive husband, they think her kids are her responsibility.

Most of them say it’s selfish and childish of her to try and force her sons on her brother. They agree with OP that she needs counseling for both her and her boys.

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