From Sidewalk to Living Room: Woman’s ‘Couch-tastrophe’ Sparks Hilarious TikTok Bedbug Debate!

One woman stumbled upon an abandoned couch on the street. She decided to take it home, sparking a heated debate across social media about whether it was safe to do so. Some argued that it wasn’t real, others were concerned for bed bugs, and even some said she didn’t clean it properly, to which the woman lashed out in a follow-up video.

Her ‘Dream Couch’

Amanda Joy shared her incredible find on TikTok, documenting the entire process of bringing the “dream couch” into her apartment.

In her viral TikTok video, Joy showcases the couch she discovered on a New York street, speculating that it may be the coveted $8,000 ‘Bubble’ couch from renowned French brand Roche Bobois.

The TikTok has reached 40 million views and over 4 million likes.

Viewers were hooked as Joy’s father, armed with his trusty van, helped transport the couch.

… Looks Fantastic in Her New York Apartment

The video also shows the long cleaning process before the couch finally finds its place in her apartment.

At the end of the video, the couch perfectly fits in the elevator. It looks fantastic in her New York apartment.

Not everyone was convinced by Joy’s incredible stroke of luck.

The viral TikTok has ignited skepticism, with some claiming that the couch is a fake or expressing concerns about potential bed bugs.

“Sadly It’s a Knockoff, and It Probably Has Nothing but Bedbugs in It”

The TikTok was shared on Twitter by user @boymolish, causing a flurry of responses.

Many criticized Joy, suggesting she had not cleaned the couch adequately, “Gonna take more than some soap and water to get whatever is in that out of that, but it’s a neat couch.”

Some argued that “If someone were to discard an $8,000 couch on the street, there must be a reason. This is conflicting cuz that’s the coolest I’veh i’ve ever seen, but it was left outside on the street in NY.”

Another user argued whether it was real, “Sadly it’s a knockoff, and it probably has nothing but bedbugs in it.”

The Couch Had Several Rips, Which She Covered With Pillows, and Admitted to Some Stains

While others were solely concerned about the risk of bed bugs, “BEDBUGS BEDBUGS BEDBUGS” one exclaimed.

In response to the growing controversy surrounding her TikTok, Joy released an update video to address concerns, reassuring viewers that the couch had been left outside for less than 24 hours and had been stored in her father’s workshop for over two weeks, thoroughly inspected for any signs of bed bugs.

She also acknowledged that the couch had several rips, which she covered with pillows, and admitted to some stains.

Would you take this couch in off the street? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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