From Supportive Friend to Sinister Saboteur – How One Psycho Woman’s Revenge Spiraled Out of Control!

Annie, a woman in her mid-20s, encountered an unexpected twist in the tale of friendship. Six years back, Annie clicked with a guy on the internet. 

They Were as Thick as Thieves

For two years, they were thick as thieves. Then, as it happens with many friendships, they drifted a bit. As the years went by, they moved from being close friends to mere acquaintances on Facebook.

The guy had a thing for music. Over in the UK, he was no Ed Sheeran, but he had a few tracks on Spotify. One of them even had about 9,000 plays. It’s not big league, but not everyone’s singing at Radio City.

Nonetheless, being the supportive friend she was, Annie had done her bit to boost his budding career. She spread the word about his music on her Discord server, which had thousands of members.

Thanks to her efforts, he garnered an additional 100 or 200 followers.

He Was Living a Fairytale Life

However, as the winds of time shifted, so did his personal life. He began dating a woman, and in less than a year, they were engaged, even getting a dog together. It seemed like a fairy tale.

During this period, Annie, who had taken a hiatus from Facebook, decided to revisit her friend’s profile to check on any new music releases. To her astonishment, she discovered she was removed from his friend list!

But what truly puzzled her was that he hadn’t blocked her. Desperate for an explanation, she messaged him, only to receive the cold shoulder. Hours later, she found herself blocked.

The abrupt action, without any apparent reason, left Annie feeling hurt and confused.

She Spilled the Beans!

One evening, still feeling the sting of rejection, Annie was scrolling through his Facebook music page and stumbled upon a chat between her ex-friend and another artist.

The artist’s profile revealed an impressive follower count of 900,000. On an impulse, possibly fueled by her betrayal, Annie decided to send a message to this artist.

She spilled the beans about how her friend had suddenly ditched her despite all her support over the years. Annie even shared a screenshot of the conversation where she was blatantly ignored.

She didn’t expect a response, but the artist did reply a few days later, simply thanking her for the information.

Her Ex-Friend Was Furious!

Things spiraled from that point. Upon learning of her interaction with the artist, her friend unblocked and confronted her.

He was furious and revealed that the artist had commented on his seemingly ungrateful behavior towards Annie, calling it rude and weird. His chance to collaborate with someone significantly more famous seemed a pipe dream.

The entire incident left Annie confused. Was she in the wrong for what he did? Or did he deserve it?

She felt like she hurt his chance of making a song with someone famous, which could’ve helped his music career, but she also thought that you can’t get away with discarding friends for no reason.

Her Sense of Betrayal Was Misguided

She took to Reddit to see what they thought, and they were not on her side.

Many Redditors pointed out that Annie’s sense of betrayal was misguided.

After all, it’s not uncommon for social media users to clean up their friends list, especially if there has been no meaningful interaction for an extended period, as in Annie’s case, where they hadn’t communicated for nearly four years!

Several users emphasized that Annie might overestimate her significance in the musician’s life, citing her claim of having supported him by merely sharing his music link on a Discord server.

“Is That the Extent of Your ‘Free Promotion’? I Rave More About My Mom’s Cooking Than That”

One user remarked, “Is that the extent of your ‘free promotion’? I rave more about my mom’s cooking than that.”

Annie’s actions, specifically her outreach to a potential collaborator of her friend, drew sharp criticism. Many felt she had overstepped her boundaries, with one user saying, “To try to sabotage his career is really, really inappropriate.” Another remarked, “You wanted to hurt him.”

One user said, “Seems like blocking you was, in fact, the smart move. You went full stalker because you felt entitled to be on his Facebook friends list?? That’s some psycho behavior, TBH.”

But what do you think? Did she overstep her boundaries, or was she simply looking for answers? Let us know what you think.

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