Frontier Airlines’ Fiasco – Passengers Stampede After Being Told ‘First Come, First Serve’ Seats, Then Kicked Off Delayed Flight by Police!

A video has gone viral of Frontier Airline passengers being told the seats to a plan are, “First come, first serve” before a “stampede” forms. Shockingly then, the passengers are told to leave the plane, and the flight would be rescheduled.

“Frontier Airlines is OUT OF HAND”

In a video posted by @IKnowRy, the airline is accused of canceling and repeatedly delaying a flight for over three days!

This shocking revelation has reached more than 310,000 views, leaving viewers outraged.

The caption accompanying the video reads, “Frontier Airlines is OUT OF HAND,” setting the scene for a shocking airport stampede.

The text in the video says, “They said this is a first come, first serve seats going to Philly.”

Tensions Escalate

The camera pans across the crowd, capturing the chaotic scene before a worker says, “It takes too long to board y’all. So it’s first come, first serve. When you get on that plane, I need you to sit in the first available seat.”

Tensions escalate as two passengers argue with a text saying, “People are frustrated and angry,” followed by, “People started arguing.”

The clip then pans to the inside of the aircraft, where a text says that they finally boarded five hours after the scheduled time.

The video says that the seats are assigned, accusing the worker of lying to passengers in a shocking revelation.

Police Then Boarded the Plane To Help Remove Passengers

In an incredible twist, the pilot then announces, “I know this is something you don’t want to hear, but we’re gonna have to gather our belongings and exit the aircraft.”

Police then boarded the plane to help remove passengers while they were in a rush to get off.

According to her account, the airline informed passengers that the flight would be rebooked for a different day and instructed them to retrieve their checked luggage.

Then, passengers were told the flight would be rescheduled for a different day and should go to the desk to seek more information.

Employees Had Stepped Away From the Counter

One frustrated passenger shouts, “We all have nowhere to go!”

The video ends by showing a long line forming at the counters, with a text claiming that employees had stepped away from the counter.

In the comment section, viewers expressed their strong opinions about Frontier Airlines.

“TikTok has convinced me that I will never fly Frontier or Spirit,” one person said.

“I Flew Frontier ONE Time! Never Again!”

Another shared their personal vow, stating, “I flew Frontier ONE time! Never again!”

Another viewer exclaimed, “We flew Frontier for the first time this week and I will never fly with them again; between the delays and all the fees, it equaled to what I would have paid on a decent airline!”

Do you have any crazy airline stories? We’d love to hear them in the comments.

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