Frugal Woman’s Shocking Advice to Broke and Pregnant Cousin Leaves Her Family Outcast

A young woman sparked outrage on Reddit when she refused to fund her cousin’s unplanned pregnancy. But really, what else was she going to do with the money she put away for a rainy day? Here is the whole story.

Working Her Way Out of Debt 

OP is a 24-year-old woman who is working hard to get out of debt.

Because her parents weren’t able to help with college, OP struggled a lot during those years. She came out owing money and now wants to be free and clear.

Even though OP didn’t grow up poor, her family wasn’t wealthy, either. And now, with finances tough everywhere, she’s feeling paranoid about money overall.

Luckily, OP landed a good, stable job after college and has been working hard. 

An Emergency Fund

That’s allowed her to set aside money each month into an emergency fund.

The only other person who knows about OP’s stash is her little sister, who is in college and plans to build her rainy-day fund as soon as she can.

So it was pretty shocking when OP’s cousin came to her recently and asked her to give him her emergency fund.

The only thing OP can figure out is that her aunt must have overheard her and her sister talking and then told her son about the money.

Expecting and Expectant 

And the reason OP’s cousin wanted her money was even more shocking.

The cousin’s girlfriend was pregnant, and they planned to keep the baby. Now, they wanted OP’s money.

At first, OP tried to play dumb and asked her cousin what he was talking about.

But the cousin was insistent that he knew OP had an emergency fund. And since he had an emergency, he needed her to give him the money.

Guilt-Trip Doesn’t Shake Her Resolve

OP stopped trying to deny that she had the money and didn’t even ask her cousin how he knew about it.

Instead, OP told her cousin that the money she had saved was hers alone. She had worked hard to build up that nest egg, and it was there to give her a little extra security.

OP’s cousin kept pushing, though. He even tried to lay a guilt trip on her by telling her that the family should help the family when they could.

OP wasn’t budging, and she refused to give up her hard-earned cash. 

Consider Your Options

She also had some advice for the young couple.

OP told her cousin that he and his girlfriend needed to think long and hard about whether they really wanted to have a baby. And whether they could even support a child.

As she pointed out to her cousin, the money that OP had saved would only last her a few months. A young couple with a baby would burn through it in no time, then be broke again.

It finally seemed like OP’s cousin got the hint, and he left her alone.

Family Outcast? 

But it didn’t take long until the rest of the family was messaging OP, calling her a godless b****.

Apparently, OP’s cousin had told the family that she told him his girlfriend should get an abortion. That didn’t sit well with her ultra-conservative and religious family members.

OP is adamant that she didn’t tell her cousin which option she thought the couple should choose, but she sticks by her decision to keep her money.

Now, though, OP is worried that she’ll be an outcast with her family. And that it won’t be long until others are hitting her up for money.

Not in a Position to Be Parents

Redditors almost unanimously support OP and her decision to keep her money.

They also agree that the cousin and his girlfriend are in no position to raise a baby since neither one has a steady job.

Several commenters point out the hypocrisy of the family for supporting the unwed cousin in his desire to have a baby while condemning OP for minding her own business.

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