Furious Overly Protective Mum Threw Away Eggshell Omelet Her Father Made for Her Athletic Daughter

A stressed-out mother recently took to Reddit to ask for opinions after she blew up at her dad for serving eggshells to her young daughter. This is her full story.

Her Grandfather’s Cuisine

OP is a 43-year-old mother of 9-year-old twins. One of her kids, a girl, recently developed an interest in athletics.

Since OP’s 65-year-old father was once a competitive bodybuilder, she told him about her daughter’s new interest. He was thrilled to hear the girl was getting into sports and offered to help with her nutrition.

A week before OP shared her story, her father showed up at their house to start preparing meals for his granddaughter.

The girl didn’t have any objections, so OP thought it would be a good bonding opportunity for her dad and daughter.

The Food Tasted Weird

Soon, though, OP’s daughter began complaining to her that the food her grandfather made for her tasted weird and that the omelet had a peculiar texture.

OP knew that her dad was always fixing strange concoctions for their supposed nutritional benefits.

She recalled, for example, that when she was a kid, he would serve her pickles and honey when she got sick because he said it boosted immunity.

Armed with this memory and her daughter’s complaints, OP watched her father preparing a meal and was shocked to discover that he was intentionally blending eggshells and mixing them into her daughter’s omelet.

“What the Hell Are You Doing?”

OP was disgusted and asked her father what the hell he was doing. She couldn’t believe he didn’t even bother to ask her before adding strange and maybe dangerous ingredients to her daughter’s food.

The older man was offended by OP’s attack and told her he was only trying to help with her daughter’s athletic endeavors. He thought OP should be grateful to him rather than jumping down his throat.

That kicked off a big argument that ended with OP throwing away the omelet her dad had made, right in front of him.

Later on, OP found out that her father had also been feeding her daughter raw food, again without talking about it first. That just added to OP’s outrage.

Rude Instead of Grateful?

After her dad had left in a snit, OP’s mother called her later that night and told her she needed to apologize to her father. The older woman said her daughter had been extremely rude instead of grateful, like she should have been.

Even OP’s aunt got in on the act, calling her to say what an awful ingrate she was.

OP admits that after she did a little research, she found out that eggshells probably aren’t bad for you and are usually safe. She also admits that the meals her dad prepared were pretty close to what her daughter usually eats.

OP also emphasizes that her daughter still eats normal food, including the sort of fast food that kids like. She was never on a diet, but her grandfather was trying to boost her nutrition.

Was He Out of Line?

Still, OP thinks her dad was out of line for feeding unusual food items to her daughter without discussing it with OP first.

Redditors are mixed in their opinions, with a lot of them supporting OP’s desire to know what her young daughter is eating.

Others call OP out for not doing her research before confronting her father. They tell her that eating eggshells is OK and that she’s basically just afraid of new foods.

Was She in the Wrong?

Still others think OP was out of line for getting so angry when her dad was trying to help. They agree with him that OP should be grateful.

So, what do you think of this story?

Was OP right for confronting her dad over the food he was serving her daughter?

Or should she have let him have some leeway since he has expertise in nutrition?

Or maybe the whole situation could have been avoided with better upfront communication?

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