His Future In-Laws Want Him to Tone Down the Romance as He’s Making His Brothers-In-Law Feel Inadequate

An attentive boyfriend sparked laughter and head shakes on Reddit after he made his girlfriend’s brothers-in-law look bad on Valentine’s Day. He may have to send them flowers to make it up to them! Here is the whole story.

Work Breaks for Travel

OP is a young man who makes great money but has a very demanding job. He often has to drop whatever he has going and travel for an indefinite period of time.

OP also has a longtime girlfriend who has gotten used to his busy schedule. But they had to learn how to keep their relationship healthy during the hard times.

Early on in their dating life, OP got called away on one of his trips at a time, which caused him to miss something that was very important to his girlfriend.

Expecting Roses

OP knew he had to try and make it up to her, and he also knew that she loved flowers more than just about anything else.

So, the first chance he got, OP arranged to have three dozen roses delivered to his girlfriend. 

His gift was a hit, and OP’s girlfriend told him that he had set the bar. Anytime he disappointed her in the future, she expected another three dozen roses as a make-up gift.

Her Joke Becomes Tradition

OP knows that his girlfriend was mostly joking, but he has stuck to that loose pact they made way back when.

Now, whenever OP gets called away unexpectedly, his girlfriend can be assured that she will receive her three dozen roses.

They have been together for three happy years, so OP has no intention of changing anything.

Bad News Arrives

As last Valentine’s Day approached, though, OP’s girlfriend got some bad news about a close family member. The news was health-related, and things didn’t look good.

Things were bad enough that OP and her two sisters both flew back home to be with family.

OP couldn’t make the trip because of work, but he wanted to let his girlfriend know he was there to support her.

A Typical Delivery

So, as was his custom, OP ordered three dozen flowers to be delivered to his girlfriend while she was at her parents’ house. It was Valentine’s Day, so he added a stuffed animal and some candy.

But not long after he placed his order, OP got notice that the delivery couldn’t be made until after Valentine’s Day because of the volume the delivery service was handling.

Panicked, OP called local florists until he found one who could deliver the same order on time.

Raising the Bar

Once he had placed the second order, OP got another notice saying that the first order would arrive on time after all.

So, in the end, OP sent his girlfriend six dozen roses, two stuffed animals, and two mounds of candy for Valentine’s Day. She joked with him that he had raised the bar once again.

But neither of the girlfriend’s brothers-in-law thought it was funny, and they both called OP the next day.

Showing up the Brothers-In-Law

Both men were furious because OP had made them look bad with their wives. Turns out, one of them bought his wife a leftover bouquet, and the other didn’t buy anything.

It was all OP could do not to laugh at the two men who couldn’t even muster a decent gift for their wives. 

But while he was still gloating over what he considered to be a victory, OP’s girlfriend’s parents called him up with some advice.

Quit Pouting

They said that since OP was probably going to end up as a member of the family, he should apologize to the brothers-in-law.

OP sees their point about trying to keep the peace, but he thinks it’s ridiculous to apologize for being sweet to his girlfriend.

Redditors almost unanimously agree with OP and think that the brothers-in-law are just pouting because they basically got called out.

Some commenters suggest that OP could make it up to the men by sending them flowers, too. 

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