Jury Awarded Gay Couple $100,000 in Damages When Clerk Denied Their Marriage Licence: She Needs to Get a New Job!

In a landmark case, a federal jury has awarded a gay couple $100,000 in damages after they were denied marriage. Here’s the whole story.

Born-Again Christian Refusal

David Ermold and David Moore, residents of Kentucky, found themselves at the center of a legal battle when former county clerk Kim Davis refused to issue them a marriage license due to her personal belief that marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

The saga began in 2015 when Davis, a born-again Christian, gained national attention by refusing to provide a marriage license to a gay couple “under God’s authority.”

A Brief Detention

Her refusal led to her brief detention, which ended when her staff issued marriage licenses without her name on the forms.

In 2019, Davis faced legal action from Ermold and Moore, who argued that her refusal to issue them a marriage license violated their constitutional rights.

Davis, however, claimed she couldn’t be sued due to sovereign immunity stemming from her earlier 2015 lawsuit.

Constitutional Rights Violation

The court eventually ruled that, despite her sovereign immunity, Davis could be individually sued, paving the way for couples like Ermold and Moore to seek legal recourse.

Last year, District Judge David Bunning issued a ruling affirming that Davis had indeed violated the constitutional rights of couples by denying them marriage licenses.

A follow-up trial was held this week to determine the damages owed to the affected couples.

Significant Damages Awarded

After the trial, a federal jury ordered that David Ermold and David Moore should each receive $50,000 in damages, as reported by the Associated Press.

Another couple, James Yates and Will Smith, who had also sued Davis over her refusal to issue them a marriage license, was not awarded any damages in this ruling.

Mat Staver, a representative from the evangelical Christian law firm Liberty Council, which represented Kim Davis, expressed the intention to appeal the decision.

Appeal Plans

Staver stated that they “look forward to appealing this decision and taking this case to the US Supreme Court.”

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One user wrote, “Well, that was an expensive take. Now they can have a big wedding.”

Another user added, “If her Christian convictions won’t allow her to be effective in her expected job duties, she needs to go get another job.”

Reversing Laws

A third user commented, “This is a can worm Obama opened, and so far, there has been nothing but disaster. It is imperative that all those laws be reversed and every license canceled.”

A fourth user wrote, “If others like her can’t fulfill their job duties, then it’s time to hire those who will do their job. Go work for the church if you want, but if you work for the government, you can’t deny people their rights or force your opinion on citizens.”

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