Gay Man Questions the Significance of Pride Month, Sparking Emotional Responses About LGBTQ+ Struggles

A gay conservative TikTok star who uses they/them pronouns admitted that they didn’t understand the point of Pride month. This was until they were schooled by another TikToker who blasted them for their ignorance.

Questioning Pride Month

Toby Duff, a gay conservative, stirred controversy on TikTok by questioning Pride Month’s importance.

Duff said he never understood why Pride month existed, “I never understood why Pride Month is a thing.”

People, especially LGBTQ+ community members, were upset by Duff’s remarks. John Blake (@blackfluidpoet) responded passionately, educating Duff about LGBTQ+ history and struggles.

Blake highlighted the bravery of those who came out despite facing hardships like job loss and family rejection.

Remembering the Struggles

Blake also noted how America didn’t understand how many queer people actually lived in the country until the Aids epidemic.

Blake then piles up a list of books that you can read to gain a better understanding of the struggles that the LGBTQ+ community has had over time.

People praised Blake’s response for promoting LGBTQ+ rights and education. Pride month is a significant tribute to LGBTQ+ struggles and achievements. Duff suggests we can build a better future by understanding LGBTQ+ history.

Times Are Changing

Users on Twitter were stunned by Blake questioning why Pride exists.

One user pointed out, “I was born in 1981 and, even in the 90s, in high school, people were physically assaulted for just the implication they were gay.”

Another user admitted they also want to understand Pride more, “Anyone else add all those books to their ‘to read’ pile?”

One Twitter user agreed with Duff but decided to point out he used the wrong pronouns for the conservative, “The person w/ the earrings used they/them pronouns but also yes.”

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