Gen Z Are “Free Bleeding” – What Is Motivating This Minimalist Menstruating Movement?

A new trend has taken over Gen Z women, and it may shock you slightly. This time, women are ditching the sanitary towels and replacing them with… Nothing! So, what is “free bleeding?”

“Free Bleeding”

A growing wave of Gen Z individuals is boldly embracing a revolutionary trend that involves throwing away traditional sanitary products during their menstrual cycles, opting instead for what is widely referred to as ‘free bleeding.’ 

Free Bleeding is a practice that, while centuries old, has recently gained considerable traction among young women eager to challenge societal norms and promote environmental sustainability.

The popular social media platform TikTok has emerged as a pivotal space for these young women, giving them the opportunity to share their personal experiences with free bleeding while also educating others about this unconventional choice.

This newfound popularity of free bleeding is causing an ancient practice to resurface, marking the departure from the conventional approach to managing menstrual flow.

Some passionate TikTok creators have embarked on a mission to destigmatize free bleeding and champion it as a perfectly normal choice for those inclined toward it.

Environmental Motivation

Environmental consciousness serves as a powerful motivator, compelling individuals to embrace free bleeding, given the single-use and disposable nature of usual sanitary products.

One TikTok user, Brittany, who goes by the handle @odbrittany, has been sharing her empowering journey with free bleeding, recounting her positive experiences with reusable period pants from the renowned brand Thinx.

Brittany elaborated on how her cramps have lessened in intensity since adopting period pants, reflecting on her previous attempts with menstrual cups and her surprise at the newfound comfort.

Her video has attracted a multitude of comments from fellow free bleeders, offering heartfelt support and sharing their own experiences, “Free bleeding just hits different,” One said.

Numerous viewers of Brittany’s video reported experiencing shorter and lighter periods after embracing free bleeding, urging other women to take up the Gen Z practice.

Period Pants

In the comments, Thinx, the brand behind the period pants, gained enthusiastic praise from women, “Thinx are the best. Changes my life!” One said.

Another TikTok creator, Annette, offered her unique perspective, emphasizing the comfort of staying at home during her period and opting for free bleeding while saving the use of period pants when venturing outside.

Dr. Jenna Beckham, an OB-GYN, clinical assistant professor, and Flo medical board member, highlighted that some individuals find themselves resorting to free bleeding not by choice but due to “period poverty,” where women worldwide can’t afford the use of sanitary products.

It is essential to recognize that specific individuals use free bleeding due to not having access to tampons, something that needs to be spoken more about worldwide.

This growing trend among Gen Z is a form of youthful activism, breaking taboos and addressing essential issues related to women.

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