Gender-Critical Woman Alleges Transgender Nurse Targeted Her – Incident Resulted in Near-Fatal Disruption of Care

A former solicitor, Teresa Steele, has alleged that the decision to cancel her operation at The Princess Grace Hospital in London, due to her insistence on receiving post-operative care from only biological women, could have been life-threatening.

Incident With Transgender Nurse 

This demand emerged from an incident where a transgender nurse, not directly involved in her care, allegedly entered her pre-operative examination room without prior notice.

The presence of the nurse, whom Ms. Steele described as wearing “a blonde wig and bright scarlet lipstick,” agitated her.

Subsequently, the central London-based private hospital initially accused Ms. Steele of discrimination. 

Hospital’s Apology and Admission of Privacy Violation

Later, however, the hospital recanted, apologizing for the inadvertent violation of her privacy and dignity.

Following her objection, Ms. Steele’s medical procedure was abruptly canceled.

Internal communication within the hospital staff labeled her demands as perceived “discrimination on gender and sex against hospital employees.”

By the subsequent evening, the hospital informed her that her surgery was indefinitely postponed due to its inability to accommodate her requests.

Serious Medical Implications

To the dismay of Ms. Steele, the events culminated in the development of an abscess, a condition she attributes to the stress of the situation.

Asserting that her treatment was discriminatory and that it directly caused her harm, Ms. Steele has indicated a willingness to forgo legal action if the hospital institutes measures that ensure the protection of other patients.

The support she has received in the aftermath of the incident has, in her words, ‘psychologically and emotionally bolstered’ her.


Ms. Steele recounted her harrowing experience, “I was very traumatized and on the point of collapse following the cancellation. An abscess that had not been visible on scans only a short time earlier had suddenly appeared. ‘They endangered my life by canceling that operation.”

Her admission forms for the scheduled operation on October 10 of the previous year specified requirements for single-sex lavatories.

Moreover, she made it clear she would not entertain any discussions regarding pronouns.

Targeted Due to Gender-Critical Views

Ms. Steele perceives the unexpected entry of the transgender nurse into her private examination room as a deliberate action stemming from her gender-critical views.

After considerable public outcry and large-scale protests, HCA’s Wellington Hospital extended an offer for the surgery on October 31.

However, surgeons discovered the abscess and decided against going forward with the procedure. The hospital eventually conducted the operation in February, but the recovery process took longer than predicted and resulted in significant scarring.

Advocacy for Patient Rights and Privacy 

In her advocacy for policies that acknowledge the sex-based rights of patients, Ms. Steele reflects on the overwhelming support she received.

“I’ve been contacted by many women, including disabled women and parents of disabled daughters, some of whom have had healthcare withdrawn for asking for single-sex care. It’s terrifying for them,” she asserted.

“They’ve saved my life,” Ms. Steele remarked.

Safeguarding Patients In Focus

Addressing the controversy, a spokesperson for The Princess Grace Hospital stressed the importance the institution places on patients’ privacy and dignity.

The spokesperson also revealed that they had asked Ms. Steele to offer her insights as a contribution to an ongoing policy review.

As society continues to grapple with the intricate nuances of gender rights, this incident underscores the need for clear guidelines that safeguard patients’ rights while also ensuring an inclusive environment for all staff. The balancing act between individual beliefs and institutional policies remains a topic of intense debate.

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