Gender Insanity? Ex-Trans Star Oli London Exposes ‘Gender Madness’ – Claims Kids Are Being Brainwashed

In a recent interview with Fox News, former transgender influencer and author Oli London discussed the pressing issue of pushing gender-affirming ideology onto young children. Here’s the whole story.

Gender Madness

London, who once identified as a Trans woman and underwent a gender transition, now stands as an advocate against the ideology he believes is harmful to children.

In his interview with “Fox & Friends First,” London said, “I’ve been through the transition process before. I’ve struggled with gender identity, and now I’ve really witnessed what is going on right now.”

“Adults can make decisions on their own, and we know we accept that it’s a very accepting society, but it’s when it’s being pushed on kids… I’ve written a book, and I discuss all of this in ‘Gender Madness,’ about how harmful it is to push this on kids and how we’re seeing a rise in particularly young teenage girls undergoing double mastectomies, hormone replacement therapy, and puberty blockers, and how it’s simply a very harmful approach because kids cannot consent,” London said.

Children Could Identify as “Gender Hybrids” Such as Minotaurs.

“They don’t understand the long-term ramifications of these things,” he added.

Addressing concerns about promoting gender-affirming agendas in various domains of society, London criticized companies like Bud Light and Target for advocating what they perceived as potentially harmful ideologies through their advertising campaigns.

He also raised concerns about the academic and medical spheres, pointing to instances where professionals have advocated for unconventional concepts of gender identity.

London specifically referenced Diane Ehrensaft, a mental health expert at the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, who suggested that children could identify as “gender hybrids” such as minotaurs.

… With Horns On!

He said, “You know, now we’re telling kids to be a minotaur what they’re going to do, put horns on them. Like it’s really crazy.”

London also highlighted a recent legal case in which the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit dismissed the concerns of parents who objected to a school’s policy of keeping parents in the dark about their children’s transgender identity.

London said, “But this was a school that was telling the kids, ‘What are your preferred pronouns?’ Telling boys to use girls’ restrooms, you know, pushing this on kids. And, again, kids don’t have a concept of this.”

Several social media users expressed their thoughts on the incident.

“Any Adult Who Allows or Facilitates Gender Mutilation Surgery on a Minor Should Be Arrested and Prosecuted for Attempted Murder”

One Twitter user wrote, “Any adult who allows or facilitates gender mutilation surgery on a minor should be arrested and prosecuted for attempted murder.”

Another User wrote, “Yeah and so does suicide. Transgender people have a high rate of suicide because they can’t transition. This rate is much higher than that who regrets transitioning. So by making it illegal to transition, you are literally increasing the number of transgender deaths.”

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