Gender-Neutral Gender Reveal or Baker’s Blunder?

If you thought the gender reveal trend couldn’t get worse, think again! This gender-reveal cake from the bakery was opened only to find the biggest anti-climax in gender-reveal party history.

Gender Reveal Plans

Gender reveals have become a cherished part of pregnancy for many, but sometimes, they don’t go as planned.

In a TikTok video by Alyssa Quintos (@alyssa_quintos), the couple attempted a cake-cutting reveal, only to find the bakery made a mistake.

As they cut into the cake, expecting to see pink or blue, the couple discovered it was a plain yellow sponge cake.

Though they didn’t get the reveal they hoped for, they found humor in the situation and laughed it off.

Bakery Had One Job

Quintos jokingly captioned the post, “When the bakery has one job.”

The comical video quickly went viral, gaining over 19.7 million views and 1.5 million likes, drawing thousands of humorous comments.

Viewers found the situation hilarious and expressed their congratulations with playful comments.

One person humorously wrote, “It’s a human, congrats.”

How Vanilla!

Another joked, “Meanwhile, another family is cutting into a blue or pink cake and wondering why when they ordered vanilla.”

In a follow-up video, the couple tried again with another cake. 

They cut into the cake, and this time, the icing was blue – revealing they’re having a baby boy.

Followers congratulated the couple and shared in their joy.

One person playfully asked, “At this point, do you trust the color is right? Jk congrats.”

Do you think this bakery had had enough of the dangerous gender reveal trend and decided to take a stand? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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