Ghost Daddy: Widowed Mom Finds Solace in Belief Late Husband Watches Over Baby From the Afterlife

A TikTok video showing a mother’s baby sleeping has gone viral, as she believes the faint “orb” in the video is her deceased husband’s spirit visiting their child.

A Young Widow

Whitney Allen, a young widow and devoted mother, has been bravely sharing her journey of single motherhood on TikTok, touching the hearts of everyone.

Earlier this year, tragedy struck as Allen’s husband, Ryan, passed away due to a severe allergic reaction to a bee sting. 

Since then, she has opened up about her emotions and encounters with her husband’s presence on TikTok.

The footage of one video, captured by a baby monitor, showed an orb of light hovering above her sleeping infant son in his crib.

Orb Soothing the Baby

In the caption, she explained that she felt like her husband was soothing their baby.

As the glowing orb seemed to float next to her son’s head, Allen couldn’t help but feel chills. 

She added, “It literally looks like a hand is patting / stroking Leo’s head.”

Encouraging comments flooded in, with many agreeing with Allen’s comments, “The fact that bub opens his eyes, he feels his daddy too…”

Divinely Protected

One commenter expressed deep gratitude, writing, “This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Thank you for this.” 

Another reassured, “Your son is divinely protected; he is his guardian Angel now.”

The appearance of orbs in photos and videos has long been associated with the belief that they are signs of spirits or ghosts of deceased loved ones visiting.

In another video, Allen shared her conviction that the glowing orb was undoubtedly her late husband’s presence.

A Trade?

During her pregnancy, Allen faced uncertainty when a preliminary ultrasound showed a concerning cystic hygroma behind the baby’s neck. 

Her husband reassured her that their baby would turn out just fine despite the odds.

After receiving the joyful news of her baby’s health, Ryan’s life took a tragic turn, and following a severe allergic reaction, he suffered a brain injury, slipping into a coma. 

Allen finally shares, “I believe that somehow Ryan traded his life for his son’s.”

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