“Ghost Guns” – The Latest Threat to Teens: Deadly 3D Printables

Three teenagers have been arrested at a New York daycare center after using a 3D printer to create homemade firearms, also known as “Ghost Guns” that are just as lethal and scary as the legal guns that you can buy.

“Ghost Guns”

The arrests were a result of a lengthy investigation into the manufacture and sale of ghost guns, also known as privately made firearms.

The shocking discovery was made at a private daycare facility in East Harlem.

Karon Coley, an 18-year-old individual, was arrested for his involvement in 3D-printing firearms at his mother’s residence, which was operating as a licensed daycare center. 

Coley faces charges including illegal firearms possession, manufacturing of an assault weapon, and reckless endangerment.

Death of a Baby

In a startling twist, the arrests also involved two minors, although their names and their relationship with Coley have not been immediately disclosed. 

These arrests come on the heels of a tragic incident where a one-year-old boy lost his life due to exposure to fentanyl at a Bronx daycare center, along with three other children. 

New York City officials are now on a mission to fortify safety measures at daycare facilities, pledging to lead the entire country in ensuring child safety.

The investigation uncovered a group of individuals, including minors, purchasing ghost gun parts and materials to print 3D firearm components from online retailers. 

Heartbreaking for Parents

Some of these purchases were fraudulently obtained, involving alleged identity theft of multiple individuals across the country.

Inside an unlocked room at the East Harlem daycare facility, investigators found a 3D printer, printing tools, two completed 3D-printed guns, and an assault pistol in the final stages of assembly.

These homemade firearms, known as Ghost Guns, are assembled from 3D printing or kits purchased online, making them untraceable due to the absence of serial numbers.

“This is a heartbreaking scenario of thinking that you’re dropping your child off to a place of safe haven just to find out that it was a dangerous environment,” said Mayor Eric Adams.

Protecting Children

Law enforcement agencies have seen a staggering increase in suspected ghost guns, and tracing these unregistered firearms needs immediate attention, “We’re going to work united. We are clear that we must protect children in this city,” said Adams.

Ghost guns and 3D-printed firearms function similarly to commercial firearms, making them equally lethal in the hands of individuals.

The risk amplifies when these weapons fall into the possession of teenagers, “You’ve got an 18-year-old in his room, 3D printer. He’s not making little robotic toys, he’s making guns,” Adams warned.

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