Girl Escapes Ukraine War but Faces New Battle: Bullying – How Will Her Step-Family React to Her Retaliation?

A young woman took to Reddit for opinions after she told her little step-sister to make fun of her bully’s name. It may have been childish, but it actually worked. Here is the whole story.

Ukrainian Step-Family 

OP is a 17-year-old girl who lives in Australia with her mother, step-father, and siblings.

Recently, OP’s father, step-mother, and two step-sisters moved nearby. They had been living in Ukraine but fled when Russia invaded.

OP’s oldest step-sister is nine years old and has a very Eastern European name that stands out like a sore thumb in her new school.

And, of course, anything that makes a kid different makes them a target for bullies. OP’s step-sister found that out the hard way.

Bullied for Being Different 

Almost as soon as she started at the new school, a group of bullies found OP’s step-sister. They made fun of her name, her accent, and even the food she ate at lunch.

The little girl would come home crying most days, and she begged her parents to give her a “normal” nickname and let her take plain sandwiches for lunch. It made OP angry and broke her heart, too.

The ringleader of the bullies was another 9-year-old girl whom OP didn’t know. But she soon learned a little more.

One day, OP was talking to her step-father about the situation and mentioned the bully by name. 

The Parents Joined In!

He said he knew the girl’s parents and had run into them in another setting.

OP’s step-dad was shocked to hear the other parents making fun of OP’s step-sister behind her back, just like their daughter was doing at school.

Hearing all of that and fed up with the bullying, OP decided to help her step-sister fight back.

So OP pulled her step-sister aside one day and told her a secret about her bully. 

Turning the Tables

Turns out, the girl’s name spelled backward was a sort of taboo word where they lived.

OP told her sister that if she pointed out the truth about her bully’s name, the other kids would probably make fun of her, too.

And that’s precisely what happened. The next time the girl started picking on OP’s step-sister, the little girl called the bully by her reversed name.

The other kids picked up on what she was doing and started laughing at the bully. It was exactly what OP had hoped would happen.

Tattling to Teacher

But the bully started crying and tattled to a teacher, who decided that OP’s step-sister was the real bully.

The teacher gave OP’s step-sister lunchtime detention for several days and also called her parents so they knew what was going on.

Back at home, OP fessed up to coaching her step-sister on how to turn the tables on her bully.

Both OP’s mother and step-mother are upset with her for encouraging the step-sister to act like a bully and react childishly.


They think the little girl should stand up for herself in a more respectful way.

But OP’s dad thinks her plan was brilliant and is happy the bully got a taste of her own medicine.

Redditors pretty much agree with OP and her dad. They think her step-sister was just standing up for herself.

And many are impressed that OP came up with the clever scheme to hit the other little girl right where it hurts.

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