He Wants His Girlfriend to Grow Up: To Teach Her a Lesson He Ditched Her in a Corn Field

A fed-up young man took to Reddit for opinions after he ditched his girlfriend in a cornfield. At least she had her girlfriends’ anger to keep her warm! Here is the full story.

He Wants More Grown Up Dates

OP is a 27-year-old man who is dating a 22-year-old woman. He’s well-established in his career, but she’s just getting started.

Their age difference isn’t usually a big deal, but OP does admit his girlfriend is into the “cutesy” type of dates that he’s done with.

He likes to make her happy, though, so he goes along with it. Last fall, OP’s girlfriend wanted him to take her to a corn maze.

It was supposed to be a couples date, with several of her friends and their boyfriends joining the fun.

He Was the Odd Man Out

OP wasn’t that thrilled about the idea, but it seemed like it would be fun enough. And besides, he would get to spend time out with his girlfriend, so he was in.

But when OP and his girlfriend got to the corn maze, they were the only couple there. The rest of his GF’s friends showed up alone, and OP felt like an oddball as the only guy.

The other girls didn’t do anything to make OP feel more welcome, either, giggling and making fun of him for this or that.

It was like they wanted to have a girls’ day out and he had crashed their party.

He Felt Neglected

Mostly, OP’s girlfriend hung out with her buddies and ignored him as they worked their way through various attractions surrounding the maze.

Finally fed up with the cold shoulder, OP asked his girlfriend to go through the maze with him.

The other girls seemed weirded out by that idea, like OP was some creepy old geezer. They insisted on going through the maze with him and his girlfriend.

Once inside the maze, the girls decided they should ditch OP. They went one way and told him to go the other way.

He Had Had Enough

By that point, OP was pretty much done with the whole outing.

He’d much rather be at home watching a football game, so he decided that’s what he was going to do.

OP texted his girlfriend and told her she had 5 minutes to respond or he was leaving to watch the game. She’d have to catch a ride home with one of her friends.

When he hadn’t heard from his girlfriend after the 5 minutes, OP kept his promise and headed back into town.

He Went to Drink Beer and Watch the Game

It was deep into the game, and OP had several beers in him, before his girlfriend bothered to call him back.

She said that it would be a really long drive for her friend to take her home, so she wanted OP to come get her.

But he was in no shape to drive, and he didn’t want to miss the rest of the game, so he told her to take an Uber.

But OP’s girlfriend decided to just spend the night with her girlfriend instead. 

Friends Said He Was Wrong to Ditch Her

The next morning when OP woke up, his phone was on fire with dozens of text messages from his girlfriend and her friends.

They all thought he was in the wrong for ditching her without even giving her a heads-up.

But OP insisted he did tell his girlfriend he was leaving and even gave her the chance to convince him to stay.

In his view, she blew off his text and decided her friends were more important.

They Talked It Through

At that point, OP was honked off that he wasted time and gas to spend time with his girlfriend, and all he got was a bunch of grief in return.

After they both had some time to cool off a little, OP and his girlfriend talked through the situation.

She said that the outing was supposed to be a group date, but that he was the only one of the boyfriends who showed up.

At that point, her girlfriends convinced her to turn it into more of a girls’ afternoon, which made OP the third wheel.

The Explanation Made Sense

That explanation at least fit with the scene that went down.

But OP wishes his girlfriend had just been honest with him about the change of plans so he could have enjoyed his game guilt-free.

Reddit commenters are split on this story. Some of them think OP was justified for leaving his girlfriend behind because she clearly wanted to hang out with her friends more than with him.

Plus, they say, he gave her a heads-up.

A Passive Aggressive Ultimatum

But others think it was passive aggressive at best to text her five minutes before he left and give her an ultimatum.

They point out that she was in a cornfield and may not have had much cell signal.

In the end, most Redditors seem to agree that OP and his girlfriend are at different stages of their lives and will likely continue to have these sorts of misunderstandings unless they can improve their communication.

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