Career-Driven Girlfriend Challenges Insecure Boyfriend’s Claims About Skilled Workers With Humiliating Tech Quiz Then Shares His Failings With His Buddy

A cloud architect fired up Redditors when she revealed that she humiliated her boyfriend after bragging he could take her job. Turns out, she has nothing to worry about. Here is the whole story.

Workplace Romance

OP is a 28-year-old woman who works at a cloud architects. She met her boyfriend when they worked for the same company. 

She has since moved to another firm. He works in tech sales and makes about two-thirds of her salary.

That difference in salary became a sore point for the couple after OP had his sales commissions cut. It wasn’t just him, either.

The company where OP’s boyfriend works ran into a string of unhappy customers after several of the salespeople made contracts that were tough to fulfill.

Specialized Training Equals the Big Bucks 

So, the company cut commissions to discourage OP and his colleagues from closing a deal no matter what.

And the money they saved went to boost the salaries of pre-sales engineers. Since she works in tech, OP is pretty familiar with pre-sales engineers.

She knows they usually have five or more years of software development experience plus specialized training.

But OP’s boyfriend doesn’t see it that way. He thinks the pre-sales engineers don’t have much tech knowledge and spend all their time giving PowerPoint presentations.

You’re Not Indispensable

OP’s boyfriend has even told her several times that he could take the pre-sales engineers’ jobs away from them in the blink of an eye.

That irks OP because she knows her boyfriend doesn’t have any tech background.

She feels personally attacked because she has less experience than most of the pre-sales engineers she knows.

And OP also knows there’s no way her boyfriend could do her job.

She Challenged His Arrogance

Finally, after yet another tirade against the engineers, OP decided to challenge her boyfriend. 

OP told her boyfriend that since he could have any tech job he wanted, he should have no trouble passing a junior technical interview.

OP’s boyfriend thought that was a swell idea and said they should make it a bet. The loser would buy dinner for the two of them.

So OP went out and found ten very basic tech interview questions. Her boyfriend couldn’t answer a single one.

Struggling With the Basics

There was even one question related to the products OP’s boyfriend sells, which he couldn’t answer.

The whole exercise made OP’s boyfriend frustrated and angry, and he argued with her about every question. But Google always proved him wrong.

In the end, OP’s boyfriend pouted at her for a while and refused to pay for dinner even though he lost their bet.

A few days later, one of the boyfriend’s buddies came over to their apartment.

Ganging Up on Him

OP told him about the bet because he had heard the BF’s gripes about engineers, too.

OP and her boyfriend’s friend had a good laugh at his expense.

Redditors are mixed on this story. Most of them think the boyfriend’s attitude stinks and that it was pretty rotten for him to back out on their bet.

But some also say OP had no reason to humiliate her boyfriend in front of his friend.

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