He’s Ashamed of What His Girlfriend Has on the Walls of Her Home and Is Too Embarrassed for Visitors

A man trying to climb the corporate ladder took a lot of flak from Redditors when he refused to hold a work gathering at his girlfriend’s house. The way he told her his decision was the problem. Here is the full story.

A Quirky Couple

OP is a 32-year-old man who has been dating his 29-year-old girlfriend for more than a year. They generally get along great, and he loves her.

But OP and his girlfriend have different approaches to life.

OP works in finance, and his world is pretty button-down. His girlfriend has a serious job, too, but she’s kind of quirky overall.

That quirkiness spills over into the decor of the girlfriend’s apartment. OP considers the place to have a childish feel to it.

He’s Staying In Her Weird Apartment

Some rooms are dominated by animation, some have walls full of insects, and some have funky sea creatures. OP thinks it’s pretty weird.

OP also thinks it’s a shame, because the apartment building is sleek and modern. His girlfriend’s apartment shoots that illusion, though.

Even so, OP has gotten used to his girlfriend’s apartment, and it’s a good thing, too.

Since OP’s place is under construction, he needed a place to stay. His girlfriend said he could crash with her and he happily accepted.

His Coworkers Were Scared by Her Decor

But there have been a few occasions since OP moved in when he wanted to bring someone from work by for drinks or to hang out. And that hasn’t always gone so well.

One of the coworkers OP brought over told him later that the wall of insects had terrified him.

It all came to a head recently because of an upcoming work gathering with OP’s colleagues.

OP’s office holds casual gatherings on a regular basis, and they always meet at one of their homes. They rotate hosts, so everyone gets a turn now and then.

She Was Happy for Him to Host a Party in Her Home

As luck would have it, OP’s turn came up while he was staying with his girlfriend, so he really didn’t have a place of his own to bring everyone.

But OP’s girlfriend stepped in and said it was fine for him to host the party at her place. She even thought it would be fun.

OP didn’t want his coworkers to see his girlfriend’s decor, though, so he told her he was just going to skip his turn in the rotation.

His girlfriend must have smelled something fishy, though, and kept pushing OP for the real reason he didn’t want to have the party at her apartment.

He Was Embarrassed

After going back and forth for a while, OP couldn’t take the badgering anymore, so he told his girlfriend the truth. He didn’t pull any punches, either.

OP told his girlfriend that her decor was strange and embarrassing, and he couldn’t understand how a grown woman could live like that.

That made OP’s girlfriend furious, and she told him it was her apartment and she could decorate it how she wanted. 

She also said that her apartment is the way it is precisely because she is an adult woman. She could make her own decisions, even if OP didn’t like it.

He Was Wrong for Attacking Her

Now, OP feels bad that he hurt his girlfriend’s feelings, but he still wants no part of bringing his coworkers into her odd apartment.

Most Redditors think that OP is in the wrong for the way he told his girlfriend why he didn’t want to bring his coworkers over.

Some do agree with OP that he has the right not to host his work party at his girlfriend’s apartment. But even they think he was way out of line for attacking her personal tastes.

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