Giuliani ‘Drowning in Lawsuits and Hemorrhaging Money’ – Will Defamed Election Workers Finally Receive Long Awaited Justice?

In the aftermath of the 2020 elections, Rudy Giuliani went on the offensive. And now, like the January 6th rioters, he’s going to pay the price. Here is the whole story.

Giuliani and the Mob

After Donald Trump lost the 2020 Presidential election to Joe Biden, his minions attacked the whole system.

The process was corrupt, and so were those involved, Trump supporters said.

One of the more high-profile lackeys in this cause was former Trump attorney and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Taking to the talk show circuit and making various statements after the November election, Giuliani joined the mob uprising.

“Democrats Stole the Election”

Not only did Giuliani jump into the narrative that “Democrats stole the election,” he decided to point fingers.

And Giuliani didn’t reserve his finger-pointing for the top of the Democrat party. Or even for the top local officials.

Instead, Giuliani waded way out into the mud to accuse a pair of Georgia poll workers of ballot stuffing and other nefarious deeds.

The primary basis of Giuliani’s claims was a video from election night that showed the two workers doing their jobs.

Suitcases of Ballots

Giuliani insisted that the video showed suitcases full of ballots that were ultimately mishandled.

A follow-up investigation by several parties revealed that the ballots were handled properly.

The worst part about the whole disgraceful display was that Giuliani named names, and the video clearly showed the workers he was talking about.

As a result, the two workers faced immediate and severe backlash in their communities. And the ridicule hasn’t subsided over the years.

“There Is Nowhere I Feel Safe”

“There is nowhere I feel safe,” one of the women said last year.

That statement came as proceedings were unfolding against Giuliani after the workers filed defamation suits against the fallen politician.

As part of the early legal proceedings, Giuliani was served several subpoenas.

He had to provide a mountain of evidence about his own financial status and the election itself.

A Vague and Shady Claim

But as the months passed, Giuliani and his legal team stonewalled the process.

According to Giuliani, he hasn’t been able to access his own electronic records.

A big problem, he says, is that gaining that access costs more than he can afford.

That might seem like a vague and shady claim, but it bought Giuliani a little time to mount his defense.

Running Out of Time

In the meantime, the former mayor admitted this summer that he did indeed defame the election workers back in 2020.

And now, Giuliani’s time has run out completely.

In late August, federal Judge Beryl Howell of the US District Court in Washington, DC, ruled that Giuliani’s case was done.

Because Giuliani would not comply with the discovery requirements, the judge ruled in favor of the election workers.

The Bills Are Adding Up

At this point, Giuliani has already paid nearly $100,000 in sanctions to cover the plaintiff’s legal fees. That tally only figures to grow.

And, with the penalty phase of the trial coming up next, some experts estimate that Giuliani could eventually have to pay out tens of millions of dollars to the two poll workers.

That could just be the opening of the floodgates, too, as a barrage of other lawsuits are lined up against Giuliani once this one is finally in the books.

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