Gladiator Lacrosse Net Worth, Rachel Zietz Net Worth (Latest)

Gladiator Lacrosse was founded by Rachel Zietz in 2012, when she was 13 years old. Having been dissatisfied with the quality, price, and range of existing products, Rachel came up with Gladiator Lacrosse. 

Rachel’s coaches encouraged her to practice her shot as much as possible and play “wall ball” whenever possible. However, she realized that the items she purchased were either not weatherproof or too costly.

Rachel became inspired to launch her own company after participating in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy.

Founded in 2012, Gladiator Lacrosse provides premium lacrosse equipment at a reasonable price. So let’s start with Gladiator Lacrosse’s net worth.

Brand full nameGladiator Lacrosse
Founded byRachel Zietz
Founded in2012
Official Amazon StoreGladiator Lacrosse
Gladiator Lacrosse net worth$5 million (Last Updated 2022)

Gladiator Lacrosse Net Worth

Rachel attends Princeton University (class of 2012) and she was on Forbes’ list of Under 30 in 2020.

Gladiator Lacrosse, the business she plans to continue after graduation, has a net worth of $5 million by 2022.

Rachel Zietz Net Worth; the Founder and CEO

Rachel Zietz is the founder and CEO of Gladiator Lacrosse, an online sportswear company that generated six figures within its first year.

After attending The Young Entrepreneurs Academy in Boca Raton, Florida, Zietz began her company at age 13 and raised $2,700 in startup funds. In addition, her parents loaned her $30,000, which she has since repaid.

Gladiator Lacrosse made $200,000 in sales during its first year in business. The company had already reached a revenue of $1 million by the end of its second year.

All Ball Pro is the most recent acquisition by Gladiator Lacrosse, which will allow the company to expand beyond lacrosse.

Gladiator Lacrosse growth

The Shark Tank TV show has featured Rachel Zietz as one of its entrepreneurs. In just a few months, Rachel has added three employees to her team.

Her 2016 sales projection is $2 million. Additionally, several retailers and venture capital firms have expressed interest in carrying the line. Her products are now carried by Dick’s Sporting Goods after the show.

Although Rachel failed to get a Shark partner, her company and sales have continued to grow. Her company is growing rapidly, thanks to her existing contacts, such as professional lacrosse player Casey Powell, a major sponsor and spokesperson.

It’s clear that Rachel’s product will stand the test of time, even without a Shark deal. Young and ambitious, she has an exciting future ahead of her.

With the acquisition of All Ball Pro in 2019, she became a leading supplier of lacrosse balls to college and professional teams in the United States.