Gold-Digging or Genius? How One Woman’s Tinder Tactic is Turning Heads and Wallets!

Some TikTok users, including this woman, left the house during lockdown and drove to wealthy areas, setting their Tinder location to 1km. They hope the tactic will help them find a rich partner, and the internet loves it!

Unique Strategies To Increase Their Chances of Meeting Someone

A new and questionable trend has emerged with the pandemic limiting meet-ups on apps like Tinder and making traditional dating difficult.

Fueled by the desire to find a wealthy partner, a new Tinder trend has taken over TikTok and left viewers stunned.

Some individuals have resorted to unique strategies to increase their chances of meeting someone.

They have devised a plan to drive out to rich areas and reset their Tinder location radius to just 1 kilometer, hoping to match with someone from a wealthier background.

“Gonna Need a Boat Boy for Yacht Girl Summer”

One TikToker, Alyssa (@alyssapleizier), shared her method to finding a rich man in a viral video.

Captioned with the words, “Gonna need a boat boy for yacht girl summer,” she revealed her secret dating tactic.

Alyssa explained how she would park her car in a posh neighborhood and set her Tinder location radius to a mere 1 kilometer, hoping to come across someone who fits her desired criteria.

TikTok users praised the method, who were intrigued and amused, hailing Alyssa as a “genius.”

“Well I Give You This …You’re Not Home Sitting Home on the Couch… You Know What You Want ..You Are Going After It”

“Well I give you this …you’re not home sitting home on the couch… you know what you want are going after it,” applauded another user.

Some even shared stories of friends who had successfully employed similar tactics, with one claiming their friend found love and no longer needed to work, “A friend of mine did this in Bev Hills and opened Grindr. He now is married and no longer works ! Miracles happen.”

Would you try this tactic? Maybe it’s not right for you? Have your say in the comments.

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