Good Samaritans Confront a “Karen” as She Harasses an Asian Family, “You’re a Grown Woman; Go Back to Your Corner”

One woman has been labeled a “Karen” for stalking and harassing an Asian family, who looks pretty uncomfortable about the situation. As the woman continues to follow the family, one man and another woman try to confront the “Karen”, which forces her to come over to the camera and hurl abuse at the pair as well.

She Was Shouting Abuse at an Asian Family

This shocking viral video shows a white woman in Orange County, California, following an Asian family and shouting abuse at them.

This footage has gone viral after being posted on TikTok by a user who calls himself “Uncle”, who labeled the white woman as a “wild KAREN.”

The white woman is walking her dog and appears to be talking to the family of five.

The family clearly wants to get away from her, as they keep walking in the opposite direction.

Confronting the ‘Karen’

While Uncle waves at the family and gets a wave back, he reassures them by saying, “You’re okay.”

But the focus quickly shifts back to the white woman, who seems quite agitated.

Suddenly, another white woman, younger than the first, confronts the so-called “Karen.”

She firmly tells her to stop harassing the family, emphasizing that there’s no reason for her to follow them, especially since they have a baby.

“You’re a Grown Woman; Go Back to Your Corner”

“You’re a grown woman; go back to your corner,” she asserts.

To everyone’s confusion, the woman with the dog accuses the Asian family, consisting of three young children, of “gang stalking.”

In the video, we can hear the woman’s distress as she adamantly pleads, “Do not call me Karen.”

The video has received over 55,000 likes and commenters expressing their overwhelming support for the family and disdain for the white woman’s actions.

“That Poor Little Girl Looks So Sad and Uncomfortable”

“Thanks for standing out for them. You guys did a great job,” one user writes, urging people to stand up for what’s right.

Another user writes a heartbreaking confession from what she saw, “That poor little girl looks so sad and uncomfortable.”

How did you feel watching this video? Should more be done to protect people of color from these so-called “Karens?” Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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