Goodwill Ceo Net Worth (Updated)

The Goodwill Industries International Inc. is a nonprofit organization in the United States that offers employment services, job training, and other social services to individuals facing employment barriers. The Reverend Edgar J. Helms founded it in 1902 in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.

Since its founding, it has branched out into South Korea, U.S., Brazil, Canada, Mexico, as well as eleven more countries. It has 156 local goodwill locations only in the United States and Canada. There are independent boards of directors and chief executives at each goodwill location. 

Goodwill Ceo Net Worth

A survey of 2021 indicates, Mark Curran is the CEO and owner of Goodwill, with an annual profit of $2.3 million. 

During the 2018 fiscal year, Goodwill organizations raked in $6.1 billion in income, $5.27 billion of which went toward charitable services, and $646 million went toward salaries and operating costs. 

Salary of Goodwill Employees 

Employee NameRoleIncome
James GibbonsCEO$717,227 
Jeffrey McCawCFO$309,191
Kimberly ZimmerChief Marketing officer/senior VP, global development officer$309712

Are goodwill CEOs millionaires?

It is false to state “Goodwill makes million” since the company is not owned by one person, but in fact, it is locally owned and operated. North America has 165 Goodwill organizations. Each organization is an independent nonprofit organization. According to Goodwill CEO, the board is independent and elected by the local community.