Got a Traffic Ticket? This TikToker’s Sneaky Courtroom Trick Might Just Save Your Wallet!

In a revelation that could save you hundreds of dollars, TikToker Trinity Jackson, also known as @thetrinityjackson, shares her incredible experience of getting a traffic ticket dismissed simply because the ticket-issuing police officer failed to appear at her hearing. 

A Viral Traffic Ticket!

Jackson’s viral TikTok post has reached over 210,000 views and 27,000 likes.

Holding a piece of paper to the camera, she says, “This is your sign to show up to court for your traffic tickets.”

Jackson reveals a $300 ticket, explaining that during her first court appearance, she was presented with three options: a trial by a judge, a trial by a jury, or paying the ticket.

She chose the trial by jury and returned three months later for her trial.

“Case Dismissed”

To her astonishment, upon arriving at the courthouse, she was informed that her case was dismissed.

Displaying the document once again, she exclaims, “The State versus Trinity Jackson, Dismissed, Total due: zero dollars and zero cents.”

Jackson revealed, “The officers that give you a ticket have to be there… A lot of officers just aren’t gonna show up to court.”

It turns out that the absence of the ticket-issuing police officer was the key that unlocked the dismissal of her case.

It’s Not Always So Rosy

Some viewers warned that their officers did show up, and they ended up paying the fines, “Well, my officer showed up, so I paid the fines.”

Another also admitted the technique didn’t work for them, “My officer showed up, and I ended up paying $60 more court fees.”

Others provided evidence in support of Jackson’s claim.

“This Happened to Me Once! The Officer Couldn’t Remember Pulling Me Over, so I Got It Dismissed!”

One person shared a success story: “This happened to me once! The officer couldn’t remember pulling me over, so I got it dismissed!”

Another also confirmed, “Same happened to me, but the cop showed up and said he couldn’t recall anything from pulling me over, so they dismissed my case.”

Have you got any similar stories? Maybe you’ve tried this trick? Let us know in the comments.

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