Granddaughter Unexpectedly Inherits and Is Asked to Uphold Family Tradition by Family That Cruelly Disowned Her

A young woman took to Reddit for opinions after she refused to let her cousin get married at the family vacation home. Turns out, it was already booked. Here is the full story.

Teen Mom

OP is a 28-year-old woman whose mother came from a large, very conservative family.

When OP’s mother got pregnant with her at 16, she became the black sheep of the family. Her dad was completely crushed.

Even so, OP’s grandparents let their daughter and new granddaughter live with them for several years after the baby was born.

It all came crashing down when OP was nine years old, though.

She Came Out

That’s when OP’s mother came out as gay to her parents. Her father booted them both from his house and disowned his daughter.

From that point forward, OP and her mother didn’t have much, if any, contact with the rest of the family.

But OP’s mother died during the COVID pandemic. And she heard through the grapevine that her grandfather also died around the same time.

With her family starting to die off, OP’s grandmother reached out to her. She wanted to apologize for the way she and the grandfather had behaved.

Trying to Reconnect

And the grandmother also wanted to reconnect and try to make amends with OP.

So, over the course of the next year or so, OP grew much closer to her grandmother. They formed a strong bond and started to put the past behind them.

Sadly, though, OP’s grandmother also passed away toward the end of the pandemic.

That set off a bit of a family-feeding frenzy since OP’s grandparents were fairly well off.

An Inherited Surprise

Part of the estate was a big, fancy summer house that the family used as a vacation home. OP had been there a couple of times when she was young and really loved her time there.

That house was one of the big prizes of the inheritance as far as OP’s family was concerned.

But when OP’s grandmother’s will was read, everyone was in for a huge surprise.

The grandmother left little bits of money for each of her children and grandchildren. But the big summer home went to OP herself.

Making a Living

OP wasn’t ready to move to the place herself, so she turned it into an Airbnb. She makes a lot of money renting it out throughout the year.

The rest of the family was furious with both OP and her dead grandmother, but that wasn’t OP’s problem since she didn’t even know them.

Until OP’s aunt contacted her recently with some news. It seemed that one of OP’s cousins was getting married the following summer, and she was planning to use the family vacation home as the wedding venue.

Traditional Wedding Venue

That was a family tradition, according to OP’s aunt, and the wedding had been planned for a long time.

But OP checked the calendar and told her aunt the place was already rented out during the weekend of the wedding.

OP told her aunt they’d have to find another wedding venue. Or they could rent her place on another date when it was still available.

That made the aunt furious all over again, and now the rest of the family is blowing up OP’s phone to tell her what a terrible person she is.

Double Booked

OP doesn’t intend to back down, though, as the money she makes from Airbnb is just too good.

Redditors mostly think OP is justified for denying her aunt’s demands. The place is hers, after all, and she can do what she wants with it.

A few people think OP might be able to make a compromise, though. They say it wasn’t the aunt and cousin who alienated OP, and they had the rug pulled out from under their feet.

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