Grandmother’s Dark Secrets Exposed: From Curses To Heartless Accusations, This Is Alice’s Harrowing Tale!

In this emotional journey, one girl (Alice) reveals shocking stories about her toxic grandmother (Kristen), telling us how she called Alice ugly from birth, putting curses on her and even accusing her dying husband of “faking it.” 

Her Toxic Grandmother

Alice’s heartrending journey unveils the shocking truth about her toxic grandmother, Kristen. Kristen treats Alice’s father as an ATM, and his love for her means he can’t see the abuse.

Alice’s dad’s side of the family receives lavish gifts, while her and her mum’s side don’t get anything in return.

From Alice’s earliest days, she faced harsh criticism and rejection, being called “ugly” by her own grandmother on the day she was born.

Alice recalls how her grandmother brutally told her she couldn’t have the window seat on the airplane, an experience she’d always wished for growing up.

“I’m Going To Put the Evil Eye on It”

Kristen makes shocking comments about Alice’s hair, even putting a curse on it in this disturbing admission, “Your hair is so thick, I’m going to put the evil eye on it so your cousin gets the thickness and you get her lack of hair.”

This has scarred Alice; as a young girl, she has been worried for her hair ever since.

Alice painfully recalls her grandmother’s mistreatment of her late husband, who actually cared for Alice’s mother before he tragically passed away.

Shockingly, even in his final moments, Kristen suggested he was faking his suffering for attention despite his tragic condition.

“Oh My Gosh, Are You Okay?”

In one tearful admission, Alice talks about how she fell ill at one family member’s house when she got her period, having to walk all the way home with her cousin to help her.

When Kristen found them at home, she told the cousin, “Oh my gosh, are you okay? You must be starving because that girl (Alice) delayed you!” Showing no empathy for Alice’s heartbreaking situation.

In a brave attempt to confront her father about Kristen’s hurtful words, Alice was simply dismissed.

It’s a baffling revelation as Alice battles with her father to make him realise the toxic traits of her grandmother.

Should She Feel Guilty?

She continues to speak up against her grandmother but her accusations are brushed aside.

Now, she’s turned to Reddit to see if she should feel guilty for trying to turn her father against his own mother, and users have eagerly responded.

One user argues Alice should have no contact with her grandmother, “That makes me want to cry for you honey, I hope everything gets settled for you. Honestly, I would go NC if it were me, but if you’re in the same household, it kind of defeats the purpose.”

Another boldly states, “You are not wrong; what is wrong is the fact that your father is not protecting you from your toxic grandmother.”

How do you think Alice should tackle this heartbreaking situation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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