Greg Jensen Net Worth, Biography, Wiki (Updated)

Greg Jensen serves as Bridgewater Associates’ co-chief investment officer and is a member of Bridgewater’s Operating Board of Directors.

The world’s largest hedge fund firm is Bridgewater Associates. It manages assets worth $160 billion.

Greg Jensen Net Worth

The net worth of Greg Jensen is estimated to be $150M.

Greg Jensen overview

Greg Jensen, 47, the firm’s co-CEO, is in charge of the firm’s research programs, having joined the firm 15 years ago as a Dartmouth College intern.

Following his graduation from Dartmouth College in Applied Mathematics and Economics, he became a Bridgewater employee in 1996. 

In his role as Co-CIO, Greg is responsible for overseeing Bridgewater’s research and investment strategies, along with the other two Co-CIOs Ray Dalio and Bob Prince. Greg is a key member of Bridgewater’s investment team. Fortune Magazine has named Greg one of its “Top 40 Under 40” three times in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

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He strives to build a network of market analysts and investors capable of developing, systemizing, and compounding market knowledge like no one else. Through his work over the last fifteen years, he has developed new training methods, created research techniques, and made investments in innovative technologies to bring his vision to life.

In addition to his professional activities, Greg has engaged in charitable work focused on altruism and the appropriate use of artificial intelligence. 

Greg Jensen Wife

Greg Jensen is married to Velerie Jensen, the founder of Prospector Theater, which is a not-for-profit theater located at Ridgefield, Connecticut providing valuable employment to disabled individuals. Valerie and Greg are parents to three children.