Grieving Boyfriend Blocked From Saying Goodbye – So Blocks Parents’ Bid for Life Insurance Payout

A grieving man stirred emotions on Reddit after refusing to help out his lost love’s family. Too much lost time and bad blood made him turn his back. Here is the whole story.

True Love Ends in Tragedy

OP is a 40-year-old man who is still grieving the loss of his first true love.

When he was 30 years old, OP was living with his 24-year-old fiance. She had moved across the country to be with him after college.

One tragic day, their perfect future was shattered in an instant when a car ran over OP’s girlfriend.

The young woman lingered in the hospital in critical condition long enough for her parents to make the trip.

Banned From Saying Goodbye

When they got there, they banned OP from seeing his fiance.

OP could hardly blame them in the moment. After all, if it hadn’t been for him, his girlfriend would have never left her home city and stepped into harm’s way.

But it was just more heartbreak for OP, and it only got worse when his fiance died. Her parents were sick with grief and still angry, and they banned him from the funeral, too.

OP tried to visit his girlfriend’s grave one time, but when he got there, her mother and little brother were there and saw him.

Her Mother Hated Him

The mother started wailing and yelling at OP, and the little boy told OP how much he hated him.

After that, OP never went back to the girl’s hometown, and he lost all contact with her family.

In the years since, OP managed to put his life together and move on.

He found love again, and OP and his wife have been married for about a year.

Life Insurance Payout

And, thanks to his first love, OP was able to become financially secure.

That’s because OP was the beneficiary of his fiance’s life insurance policy.

With that money, he took a leave of absence from his high-pressure job and eventually started a small company of his own.

OP is doing very well financially these days and has turned that insurance payoff into a nice living.

Little Brother’s College Fund

Recently, though, the parents of OP’s deceased girlfriend contacted him.

Her little brother had been accepted into an Ivy League school, and the family needed money to pay for it.

So, the parents wanted OP to give them the money he had received from their daughter’s life insurance policy.

It was an out-of-the-blue request and left OP reeling. He hadn’t heard from these people he once loved for ages, and the last time he did, they were nothing but mean and hurtful.

They Denied Her Wishes

After much internal back and forth, OP decided that it is not his responsibility to help pay for the education of his dead fiance’s brother. 

His girlfriend had wanted OP to have the money, and he is sure she would have wanted him to be at the hospital with her. Not to mention at her funeral.

Even though OP feels like he made the right call, he still feels a little guilty because he could easily afford to pay for the boy’s college expenses.

She Would Have Been Appalled

Redditors overwhelmingly support OP’s decision not to cough up any money for his former girlfriend’s family.

They agree that she wanted him to have the money and would have been appalled by her family’s behavior.

Most of them think OP should just live his best life and avoid ever having any sort of contact with the dead woman’s family again.

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